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I use hfss to simulate a bandpass filter with WIDE gaps between its coupled lines. These wide gaps made the simulation time very long and hard to converge. In fact, very small meshes are required to correctly solve the problem. Is it any trick to manage this problem? I heard about spare lines in gaps (these spare lines should be (...)
Hi, what is the best solution/mesh frequency for bandpass filters. I get different results, wenn using 90 GHz (center frequency) or 120 GHz (far above center frequency) for mesh generation (solution setup). Which result should I trust ? -e
can anyone please provide me tutorial of how to design microstrip band pass filter in hfss
Dear Ali, I found some papers to do that as following: 1)Basic Data on High-QCeramic Coaxial Resonators 2)IEIECE Trans. Electronic, Vol.E82_C, Bo.7, July 1999, Page 1110 3)Ceramic bandpass filters-Boon or Bane? 4)A bandpass filter USING DIELECTRIC COAXIAL RESONATORS WITH A TEMPERATURE-STABLE STEPPED- IMPEDANCE (...)
Hi everyone:) I am doing my project in antenna and filter design in ADS software..designing of antenna is problem is the filter am supposed to design is of DGS (Defected Ground Structure).Actually i dont know how to make changes in ground plane in ADS momentum.please do any 1 help me??/?? Is it possible to design DGS in ADS software??????
Help !!!! Hi, I simulated a narrow band cavity filter around 20 GHz. Geometry is very simple ; no curve, no imported object, all faces straight, no exotic material....I've optimized my bandpass filter's response with hfss version 11. Convergence is very fast with a simple setup (Delta S =0.02 , min passe = 15 --> 10.000 (...)
Dear Experts, I am Designing a Narrowband (30 MHz) Dual Mode Band Pass filter. I have done the hfss simulations inside the cavity of (30*30*30mm) with a cross shaped dielectric resonator. I have a also generated a lumped element model in ADS of the same filter. My Question is how can i model or correlate the input, output and mutual (...)
hi guys i am using hfss to design multilayer filter using LTCC technology though based on simulation i have high in-band insertion loss 8 dB i think its due to using via holes anyway what can i do to minimize the effect of that ?? thanks in advance regards
Which simulation software suitable the most? ADS, hfss, or CST can put the varactor in microstrip BPF? Show me plz, I'm very new, thank you my friends.
Hello, i am trying to simulate a cavity interdigital bandpass filter.But there are several errors.And i couldnt solve them.The error messages are as follows:"firstelement and Box1 intersect","secondelement and Box1 intersect". How can i solve this problem?Box1 is a box that is air.and i am trying to feed the filter by (...)
Hello,everyone. I want to design a W-band E-plane waveguide bandpass filter, I adopt hfss and CST to analyze the filter with the same structure parameter, but the results show great difference, they are totally different. The attachment is the projects of hfss and CST. Can anyone give me some (...)
hi I try to simulate a microstrip bandpass filter but I face this this is my hfss file and manual of this project: I'll be glad if someone help me. thanks.
hi guys.. i have to finish my final project about bandpass filter with DGS at 1885-2200 MHz.. i am designing with AWR simulator.. can anyone help me to design it in AWR or hfss ??? 1. what is the relation between dimension and L, R, C ?? 2. what is the formula for calculating DGS ?? thanks for help...
I have work on filter design (bandpass filter) and i am designing filter with defected ground structure and i was simulate my design with AWR(Applied Wave Research) or Microwave Office. Now I turn to hfss to learn and simulate with it Can anyone help me on how to model the defect on the back metal ? (...)
hi, i am just beginner in microwave filter/engineering, can anybody please suggest/help me which bandpass filter design method to follow to meet the below specs (someone told that it is only through Cavity filter design)? Center frequency 17303.5MHz, +/-10MHz 3dB Bandwidth (20MHz Bandwidth), 50dB attenuation at (...)
hi, How to design a cavity filter? what are those waveguide cavity filters, coaxial cavity filters..... etc., if any Books for a learner to design and if any tutorials to do simulations using hfss/CST MICROwave on this, helps a lot..... thanking in advance
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Hi there, I have fabricated stripline bandpass filter on LTCC. A pair of extra vias and pads are added to elevate the buried striline port up to the surface so that measurement can be done by UTF. The performance of the filter looks fine under hfss simulation. However, when I do the actual measurement, the result is (...)
I'm designing Microstrip BPF now and I?ve got the same problem as in doc. Does anybody know what kind of ?seeded mesh? was used in this example at site 16? There is very good distribution of tetrahedra: a lot of small ones near the irregularity and bigger far from irr