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extract the files . the untar archive should contain folders like CDROM1 CDROM1 and so on. start from latest USR, not from the base release. hock
base release is the origin pakage. Update is a full-tested version to fix the base's bug. Hotfix is not been full tested.
What you have are the isr CDs, which include the latest hot fixes. The packages in these CDs are not complete. You need base CDs and USR CDs to update IC successfully. All these CDs can be obtained from Cadence sales or downloaded from Cadence support website.
Any cadence software have a base, update, and hotfix releases. The update is called USR and the hotfix is called isr. Actually u can't install neither the update nor the hotfix unless u have the base release CDs. For the name "isr 2004202060002", it means that this is a hotfix which was released on 20/02/2006.
for i know, isr/qsr must install with base. program can tell you to use which disc. if you want to install (ex.)isr, you must start with 1st disc of isr.
base pack is must. isr(interim service release) is like a service pack to fix bugs.
The Cadence rule is that for each version you always need the base version, and for update you need the LATEST
base is full install and contains all files. The other two are service packs containing bug-fixes. They must be installed on top of the base release. QSR = Quarterly Service Release isr = Interim Service Release ASIC