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Why not? In practice matched filter is still applied, because in flat fading channels the fading effect will be multiplicative, i.e.: the received signal will be r=h.s+n. In (baseband) simulation you just multiply the received signal by h* and compare the result with 0, if it is >0 decide 1 and if it is <0 decide 0.
Dear all, I have a Rx chain (included LNA+mix1+mix2) + baseband filter and VGA. I have combined all together and run the PSS + PXF in order to get the overall voltage gain. However, the simulation result is strange to me. It gives the M-shape voltgae gain and the voltage different is 10dB. However, the voltage gain flatness of Rx chain is (...)
Hi The best filter is matched filter. you may use it in RF or IF, but it is easier to use it in baseband.