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plz can you explain how op amplifier react with ph electrode in negative mv(basic solution) sorry, my english is bad
Hi, As far as I know PROTON is for basic, not C. So, with PROTON, you have to program in basic, not C. You should go through the datasheet first. This will give you a good idea. Then, you can proceed. Datasheet for 16f877: for 16f877A:
I want to know the basic principle of a voltmeter via a 16f877 since I acquired a proper AC voltage alternating what I know for now I will read the digital conversion of the ADC and then I'll make a program that determines the maximum value of this signal the end of achieving effective value Veff = Vmax / root 2 and multiply with the (...)
Hi taanhovoro check my posted in this link for GUI communication I use Visual basic 2010 it same as VB2005 and the PIC you just make a circuit include max232 TTL and then connect to Serial port PC. try this first...
i need some basic uart code in c for pic16f877 to pc communication... i m using ccs compiler in mplab v5.7
i am new to the pcb design but i want to draw schematic using orcad. please name any institutes who teaches pcb design in bangalore. You may contact EFY tech centre in Bangalore at the below mentioned address, who conducts courses for PCB designing, basic electronics, Robotics, Microchip PIC 16f877, VLSI Design, and renesas
can anyone help me to know some basic programming using c in PIC ??
Hi if you need graphical LCD support for PIC you can use Pic basic plus with built in support :)
I am developing a system that needs to be expandable. The system uses PIC micro (16F876), and simply counts input pulses and stores values to external I2C memory. The system can contain several of these counter devices. One main PIC then collects info from the Counter PICs and/or I2C memory and passes this data to a PC via a RS232 Link. The mai