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hi i search a pcm/pcb/bms for a 4S4P i will use 3100mAh battery 4S4P will do: 14.8V, 12.4Ah battery will be used for a light: 12V at 2A i checked this pcm Protection Circuit Module Specifications For 14.8V Li-ion/Li-Po battery Pack Model:
If the 2ndary battery is dead and the primary battery is weak, and the car is idling, the relay will oscillate On/OFF
Hi people, I need help to project my gas gauge. My device have a li-ion battery, 3.6V 800mAh, it uses MCP73831 and I have no problem to charge the battery. But I need inform with precision to operator that the battery have more 30 minutes of life. For this I want use LTC4150. But I´m not understanding as the part knows (...)
Hello, I'm doing a project and I want to put a battery charger with Gas gauge, and seen the STw4102 (two in one). I would like to know if anyone has used. and if it goes well.Also if you could put a battery of 3.7V and 2000mA. Have been based on the schematic STEVAL-ISB006V1. Greetings.
Hi, I want to measure capacity of battery foe application, For this i used DS2782 fuel gauge IC. I am able to communicate with this IC , and getting voltage , current, average current. But not able get Capacity. I also programmed EEPROM as per calculation. Can any body help?
This is a schematics for Li ion Batterry gauge. The current flows from battery to pack when discharging and from pack to battery when charging. I understand that current are controlled by the FET which act as switches but don't understand how they work here. Can the FETs pass current in both direction?
I think you know the dataSheets of commercially available Gas gauge Chips like the bq series from TI, DS2746 and MAX1614 from MAXIM -- they also have some AN's on battery/Power Management -- LTC4150 from Linear Technology, AT73C25
Folks, May be I want too much. Nevertheless, I?m looking for a battery management IC that would do it all, and without a lot of external circuitry. Charge single Li+ cell (linear or switching) battery gas gauge (or just current sensor with analog output) LDO for downstream circuitry would be nice, but I can an add a separat
check out the 'battery fuel gauge' typ of ics; almost every major semicon comp has one ..... u can also check at your preferred store/distributor as to which ones they stock ..
Colleagues, Could you recommend any battery fuel gauge ICs which can monitor state of charge of the NiMH battery pack? My battery pack has 8 cells in series. It's internal, not swappable. Monitoring of the individual cells is not required. I2C/SMBus is the preferable communication method. MAX1660 is the only one (...)
Here's a slick wireless system: If you want to build your own, start with a 12 volt, 6-10 amphour battery. Use adequate gauge wire to the ignitors (AWG18 or AWG 22). Use switches that are rated for the ignitor current (5 amp?) I used to wrap a copper wire short across each ignitor until everyth
HI To do it the right way it is a bit complicated- this is why battery gauge IC came to the world. You can also search MAXIM and TI site for battery gauge application note and learn more about the subject All the best Bobi
HI See Maxim application note on battery gauge - they describe the algorithm involved BR Bobi
I think that lithium chargers have to be carefully designed as if over charging occurs the battery can explode etc this is why 90 % of charge will be achieved in the 1 st hour then full charge is achieved in another 1 hour. At least Ni MH and Ni Cad vent and loose capacity if abused !
Hi ! I know than i can/must measure battery by aH and thru resistor but what i really what to know (tom jones part :-)) is how to measure the CORRECT amperage power of the battery. Basicly i can connect my multimeter directly to 9V battery and make power measurments but im risking the multimeter if i do the same with 12v or higher. (...)
Yes! For notebook battery include 4 series batteries. Some the battery monitor IC (it's called Gas gauge IC) monitor 4 voltages V1, V2, V3 and V4 about every 0.5sec. They include internal resistor divider to adjust high battery voltages to the input range of internal ADC. They also control current and include internal (...)