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Hi , I've been trying to figure an easy circuit for battery's voltage measurement, then translating that voltage to an input 0-5v that could be read by a PIC18F4550 microcontroller. My idea is to have the voltage from the battery divided, so that the voltge would come out to be less that 5V. After the voltage is divided, it will goes (...)
The pwm duty cycle calculations don't apply to the given circuit which is no boost voltage converter. Instead you are chopping the solar panel output current. No problem if you don't need maximum efficiency. The "panel voltage" measurement isn't of much use unless you synchronize the ADC with the pwm. Similarly the battery current is also pulsed
It might be best to start looking for a suitable (battery powered ?) data logger that can handle all of your required inputs. It very likely will have a serial data output that can be fed by cable to a PC or modem. That serial data could then go through a radio link as suggested by the previous poster. Its really a case of seeking out suitable c
I don't understand your breaking action. I would expect recuperation into the battery, in this case the phase current can be a least estimated from the DC+ current measurement. Another point is that the IR2110 bootstrap supply can't be maintained without continuous low side pwm.
Hello,I would like to design a circuit which should help the user to determine the capacity of a battery by measuring some of its parameters mainly the voltage an current so it could determine the discharge time and then provide information using an LCD about battery life. Some link here on the net say that there is a need of measuring the dischar
I need some kind of battery/power bank to provide 230V for some measurement equipment/laptop etc. that preferable doesnt weigh a ton like a car battery, and can last at least as long as a car battery but preferably longer. Anyone has some suggestions/experience with solutions to look for?
Hi, we are trying to implement a system to measure the battery voltage of an inverter. the battery voltage is passed through a low pass filter and then the voltage i measured using pic18 adc pin.and then 500 sample voltages are taken and average voltage is calculated, but it will not get any exact voltage.What is my problem?how can i resolve it? i
Hi, In my application I need to measure the voltage of a battery which is connected to a rectifier and inverter circuit. I am using PIC16F877A micro-controller to measure the battery voltage. battery voltage range varies from 23 volts to 28 volts. Using a voltage divider along with an OPAMP voltage follower it is then given to (...)
I am designing a digital clock using atmega8 without external RTC chip, In this project two power supply is being used one main power 5V and another 3V power from lithium battery, when there is main power available 7segment displays the time and when the main power gets disconnected 7segment is made turned off and MCU goes into sleep mode, draws po
hi everone pls tell me how to measure the ripple voltage on battery input during the charging period. my pic controller is 10bit adc . the ripple voltage may be in between 100mv to 200mv. (ie. 0.1v) i tried to measure the ripple voltage using voltage divider but the problem is i couldnt get accuracy. wht i missed in this measurement method. sugg
Hello, We are dong a 7.4Kw LLC converter battery charger. (battery voltage is 300vdc to 410vdc) We will regulate the output current by regulating the filtered output of a current sense transformer in series with the LLC secondary. (LTspice sim and pdf schematic attached) Why is it that none of our competitors is doing this?
Hello. Why does my DMM show a difference of +100mV when measuring a source such as a battery while flipping to probes around. With the positive probe to battery + and negative probe to battery - it says 1.2, I would think that changing the probe positions in regards to battery poles would show -1,2V but it does not. (...)
Hi folks, Im having a problem that I was hoping to get some help with. I have a 96V solar array, in which the battery is divided in two banks with a center point (+48,0,-48) I need to measure when an imbalance has occurred and for that I need to measure the individual banks. My CPU ground is connected to the 0V supply. I am not sure how to
Hi, increasing of R1 to 1MOhms gives higher signal, but also gives higher noise. probably the "noise" you see is influenced mains AC voltage. What to do to improve what is called "signal to noise ratio"? * Place a filter to avoid mains frequency influence. * use a battery powered measurement tool (instead of wall adapter) so that no mains conne
Hi, I am new to the forum. I am working on a project that involves a 6volt (4 AA) battery supply and the main ICs are running on 3.3v. I have tried LD1117S33 with Caps filter as it recommended in the APP but I am getting a spike max 4v when I unhook and re-hook the battery (4 AA) at power up. Is MIC5205-3.3 LDO more stable then the LD1117S33?
what are u using for a VCO Tune line power supply? If you are taking a free running measurement, I prefer a battery and a potentiometer with a >10 uF cap as the tune voltmeter. also, u might want to use an inside/outside DC block for the connection to the spectrum analyzer. AC ground loops are troublesome
Hi, I would like to measure the individual cell voltages of a 14S LiPo battery pack with high accuracy. I am currently using voltage dividers to accomplish this, but since the highest voltage is 14*4.2=58.8V, I need to divide it down quite a bit to sample it with the 3.3V 12-bit ADC in my MCU. High precision resistors are expensive, and I'd prefer
Hi DeepOne, Very nice job you done. Its always interesting and nice to see something new from your electronics kitchen. Maybe as ver 1.1 to add measurement of current and showing delivered mAh to battery. Its just like idea. Best regards, Peter
Hi I have the below measurements for device for my home project. 94354 As you can see, there is a significant difference in current drain between DC and RMS. I have a 1000mAh battery in which I need to predict this current drain usage, but which do I use? Does the battery actually use DC or RMS?
Charging Mechanism is different for different batteries.......Whereas to check the charging state....measurement of battery voltage is straight forward method... Threshold for battery Full charge and Low depends on battery you can refer to battery specification...accordingly circuit has to be designed..using (...)