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There are many companies making batteries for the Galaxy S5 smartphone. None of them say its maximum allowed output current. It is Lithium and it is not protected so its maximum allowed continuous output might be 20A or more. I think your battery will be fine delivering only 1.5A. I use 325mAh Lithium-Polymer model airplane batteries. Its maximum
IMHO "I want to" translates as "I should study literature". There are models for different aspects of battery behavior, e.g. frequency dependent impedance 129916 Also models of the nonlinear charge/discharge characterictic.
My radio controlled model airplanes helicopters and drones are powered with Lithium-Polymer batteries. They are small, lightweight and very powerful. I have a tablet but I do not know if its Lithium battery is the Polymer type.
Dear Members For the past year or so we have been working on an exciting new battery technology, and we need your help to evaluate the business and pricing model. The short survey below has only seven questions and will take less than a minute to complete. Your feedback will help us make important decisions regarding the direction and viability
I can't imagine that a tiny 100 nF capacitor has noticeable effect when parallel connected to a 1.5 Ah battery. But you can refer to the battery model parameters and calculate impedances exactly.
hi, i wish concuved a model of battery with simulink /matlab2009, i cherched a help in someones please. thank's. Cordially. said76.
Consider a battery & capacitor in series... while it's not an optimum solution, it should yield a more realistic charge/discharge curve, compared to a capacitor alone. Place a resistor across the capacitor, to simulate self-discharge. Also put a resistor in series, to simulate some amount of internal resistance. To simulate capacity of a cell,
At the extremes, a PV panel provides max V, min A (light load)... or max A, min V (heavy load). You get max power at some middle load setting. To model this behavior, I have never seen a simple method. A normal role for a PV panel is to charge a battery, say from 10.5V (empty) to 14.5V (full). Therefore a reasonable model is a 22V source, (...)
If you have buttons on the steering wheel to activate a radio transmitter then it will need to be powered from a battery that will frequently need replacement. The relay might need a transistor to drive it and a radio receiver must be used activate the transistor.
I can't see the model number of the Kenwood car radio but it probably produces about 14W into 4 ohms at clipping per channel when the car battery is charging from the alternator at 14.4V. With your 12V supply its outputs will be 12W. It probably has 4 channels and is about 60% efficient so the total output from 4 channels is 48W and the heating is
Why not use a rechargeable battery that holds its voltage high until it is almost dead? A Lithium cell is 3.2V or 3.4V when dead and is 4.2V when fully charged. A capacitor voltage begins steeply dropping immediately when it is discharging.
hi everyone i am a beginner and i have a project "design a basic model for simulating performance of thermal battery" how should i start ? can someone help me
Can any one help me, please? My research in wireless sensor network. My model is: I have cluster contain from Cluster head and group of nodes. all nodes in cluster sleep and wake up - to save the energy - according to the remaining energy in the battery and other parameters. Please can any one help me to write the code on MATLAB? I fou
It is important to use a lightweight Li-Po battery.
paniolo The first graph in your first post of the charge curve from full discharge to fully charged, Is that simulated in software or real time hard wear, on looking at it It's totally wrong type of cuve How often was the samples taken of the battery voltage and the voltage seemed to have gone fully high at top end for my liking. the picture atta
Do you want to know the Electrochemical impedance of the battery to model it throughout the SOC cycle?
Hiii friends, Anyone have step model of BR2477 battery? Please share ....thanks.
Hello! I'd like to ask for help to repair my tablet. It is Goclever 9,7". Unfortunately I'm not sure which model is it, probably it is R972, R973 or R974. The problem regards battery charging. Original battery was damaged and has to be removed. I put the new one with similar parameters (7800mAh instaed of 8000mAh, 3,7V). Tablet shows the (...)
The battery charger i have is an Energizer Recharge model: CHFC2 It says in the manual that is can charge double AA NiMH up to 2650mAh The battery I am using are brand named Lenmar R2G , Nickel Metal Hydride , 1.2 volts at 2150mAh Will these batterys explode? or get damage? if I leave them in the Energizer (...)
Cell "strength" might be considered as as State of CHarge and Effective Series Resistance (ESR). ESR rises as SOC drops near end of charge and also ESR rises with age or gets "weaker" Each battery chemistry and supplier quality has its own "strength" model Generally Drive Current will be limited by SOC, Ah capacity and ESR from the Datasheets.
First opamp is compare voltages from shunt and current regulator resistors, second - from sawtooth generator and RC chains at output of first opamp - when sawtooth voltage level be more than voltage on capacitor at output of first opamp output of second opamp be high and scr is open. Thereby the angle under which this thyristor is opened depends fr
did you try removing the battery for a few minutes, and then re-inserting?
I want to simulate (and design) an antenna for 2.4GHz Active RFID in CST microwave studio. There is a button cell near the antenna. Most area of the outer case is anode, that is, the power, not the ground. So I wonder how to model it in simulation software. Is it OK to simply create a metal cylinder? Or the battery is something mysterious in mic
I've seen a smaller 2-wire version of this as a battery connector on one of our cordless phones (a larger, outdated model). The matching connector encases the connector in your photo. It has grooves in the sides, to grip the ridges shown in yours. The pins are square although the openings are rectangular. I guess that describes half the header con
Some electric model airplanes use servos that operate rudder, elevator and ailerons at low current from a 3.2V to 4.2V Li-Po battery. They use a pager motor with a pinion gear and it drives a worm gear. There is a potentiometer that feeds back the position if you need it. The servos are inexpensive and available at many hobby stores.
Hi I have a model vehicle that takes a 12v FM1212 brick sealed-lead-acid battery with F1-terminal contact. Is there a Li-ion replacement available in the same form factor? If the voltage is slightly different than it is not a problem, for example 10V-16V would be OK. My problem is that when I am not using the model for 3 months or (...)
Dear friends, I need Lead acid battery 2 V 2.5 Ah.. Do you know any suppliers in India kindly inform to me Thanks in advance
Hi all, i am trying to desing a circuit for charging a thin film Li-Ion battery. For that I need to model the battery. For DC or transient analysis an RC branch is enough but for AC analysis I need an AC model for the battery including the parasitic capacitances and so on . Does anybody have an idea (...)
Hii... Please help me to make simulink/matlab model of 12V 24Ah lead acid equivalent circuit. I also need to know how to design its resistance an capacitance values. Also help me with the charging and discharging control of equivalent circuit. Thank you
Greetings to all....I have found my Apollo USPS faulty (model: AUP-X-300B) becuase of dead batteries. Any idea if it can reconfigure to run without the batteries? Thanks a lot. Hi RHeTTRoNiCS name of the thread tells us that you are intended to run it with usual batteries which are not able to be recharged . but now you say without
hi to all, i designed stand alone PV system with super capacitor model in SIMULINK. PV array output connected to boost converter ,boost converter output is connected to single phase inverter.inverter output is fed to RL load.and PV array output is also connected to battery through buck boost converter. please suggest me how to design a lead
remove the cmos battery reset the coms by using jumper settings
check with a battery which is ok on other laptop and also check your battery with the same model or same battery type laptop. if your battery works fine in other laptop then post here
Hi All, Currently,I'm working on the power quality(harmonics)solar PV on grid-tied. Basically, I've designed the Solar panel,buck-boost converter,battery storage and three-phase grid model in Simulink. However, I've difficulty in connecting my solar panel to the buck-boost converter. Hence, would anyone be kind enough to guide me on this? I've a
hi, I am designing a charging control circuit for portable battery devices but am not able to model the battery in spectre for checking the charging procedure could anyone suggest how i would design the model of a battery in spectre. pls do not give me the answer it can be modeled (...)
this is the battery its 4Ah
Do you have exact model Id and manufacturer for your battery. Check manufacturer charging recommendation 30A for your battery can result in distortion of the plates. Specially control of initial charging current on start of charging process is improtant. Usually charging voltage is 14,4V for cycling charging (some deepcycle batteries (...)
Hi How do u model a rechargeable model in software(Multisim) ???? I googled the same question and found that one can find Non Ideal battery in Education Edition in Multisim. I was testing my circuit using a Non Ideal battery of 12V of capacity 150Ah with internal resistance 5.5mΩ. But here's my problem - At (...)
hello, i bought a battery before 6 months. it is specified as 12v, 1.3ah/20HR. what does this specifications mean?. and kindly explain me how to recharge this battery to meet long life. thanks.
Hi guys. I would like to seek assistance and advice on constructing a MATLAB simulink model to display the simulation result for regenrative system starting from the pedal brake, till the battery side to monitor any output. For your information, I'm currently doing a project about retrofit conversion of hybrid electrical vehicle (HEV), and my
hii .. I need to do a battery model in simulink, i found the model of a particular battery in a conference paper . i m unable to make it in simulink.. plzz help me with the current-current blocks and the 1/u blocks. thanku.. plzz reply fast.. thanks a lot...
Hello dear friends, My project is about improving an AC motor drive's efficiency by implementing regenerative braking and i really need your kind help. Does anyone have a simulink model of a bidirectional DC-DC converter for connecting a storage battery (for charging and discharging) to the DC bus of a 3-phase PM motor drive that I could gain ac
Hello dear friends, Does anyone have a simulink model of a bidirectional DC-DC converter for connecting a storage battery (for charging and discharging) to the DC bus of a 3-phase PM motor drive that I could gain access to? I would be very grateful indeed if anyone is able to send me the simulink model as it is of paramount importance (...)
Hi I'm trying to get a Simulink model for Bidirectional DC-DC converter to be used for battery charge and dis-charge through a dc bus, the control strategy used is a two-controller control; one is for generating the reference current and the other one is for control the voltage, so the battery is controlled to charge when there is (...)
A capacitor is a simple way to model a battery. Say 1000 F. The time step might need to be increased to suit. Since a battery has internal resistance, put a few tenths of an ohm inline. Since a battery will self-discharge, put a resistor across the capacitor (say 470 ohms). When we compare charging curves, the capacitor (...)
i am working on Buck-boost converter & battery charge-dischage control, i hope if any one can give help in providing the simulink model or any information that could help in this issue
Hello! I need a battery model in Matlab Simulink, which considers the real characteristics. Maybe someone has an example?^^
I have a simple non rechargeable battery of 3.6V. Is there any way to confirm that how long it can provide backup. I have heard that the battery can provide backup upto 5 years. How can i confirm that it will really give backup for such a long time
Removing the battery won't work on my HP Elitebook. It has some serious security and encryption stuff in it. I'm not sure that even the manufacturer could reset it, which would generally be the case. It would probably need the security chip desoldering and replacing. I've just checked and HP's answer for my laptop is to replace the motherboard!
The behaviour will be different for a voltage source with true current limiting (e.g. a lab power supply) or a source with internal resistance. You didn't clearly say which model you're assuming. A new battery has most likely a lower internal resistance and delivers a higher current. In so far it's not clear what you mean with the new (...)