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the ground of AC supply is different (from 12v ground). therefore no glow of bulb with battery + and ac ground pin. and bulb glows in 12v and its gnd(-) point. the term 'ground' is to be used with its own circuit.
Hi guys, I'm just thinking. Is there anyway we can build a circuit that can support both 9V battery and a 9V PSU? I mean like, if the user got battery, he can use the 9V battery. And when the battery finish, he can plug in the 9V power supply unit. I'm thinking if we put 9V battery and the 9V PSU to on (...)
Hello, The SMD mark is A1VV and it is a SOT-23 (3 pin) package. I couldn't find this code anywhere, nor even Google recognizes it. I found a 2011 SMD Codes Catalog and it ain't there either. The only A1 is an SMD with a common anode pair of small signal diodes. The device was an electronic cigarette battery (closed system, not just the cell).
Just look at the schematic and what you see is what it means. pin 3 is connected to D1. D1 is connected to R3 at one end (and the other one going to pin 3 is also connected to D2). The other end of R3 is connected to positive of battery via a switch. pin 4, pin 8 and one end of R1 is also (...)
I've used this circuit to power on and off a sensor in order to make some measurement only when I need (was for a portable battery powered system). Sensor was powerd from +12SENS and -12SENS but you can set load also from power line and the reference voltage, all drived by a single pin of a micro (signal ENVPWR). Hope this can be useful. Chee
I had a query ...anyone has an idea what is the pin configuration of the BL-5C battery usually found in nokia cellphones. It has three contacts- one each must be for positive supply and ground.Whats the third one for?is there a thermistor inside the battery and if yes to which pad is it connected. If anybody can give the (...)
Hi all I need try use mobile battery in my handHeld Prroject (for example nokya 8210 or other popular mobile battery) can give me any help or datasheet of this battery ? i see some of it internal circuit how use it for charging ?