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50mA is close to the 100mA maximum allowed current for the bc547. If the base current is 1/10th the collector current then its typical saturation voltage loss is less than 0.2V. A bc337 transistor is much more powerful so with its base current 1/10th the 50mA collector current its typical saturation voltage loss is only 0.03V. Are you using the tr
Could anyone point me in the direction of a suitable discrete transistor amplifier schematic that would be suitable for amplifying the audio signal from an ipod before it goes into the control pin of a 555. Preferably using bc547, BBC548, BC549, BC557, BC558, BC559, C1815, A1015, BC327 or bc337.....all of which I have plenty of. Judging by the dat
General Purpose Amplifier Transistors. 2N4401=NPN replacements: bc337, bc547, replacements: BC327, BC328, ht
hello ...i just wanted to know that which is the equivalent transistor for bc547?????
Hi , i would like to know about the bc547 AND bc337A difference between two transistors, can i use it alternatively. AWAITING REPLY. thanks & regards dayal
I was having a look at the "Amplified Ear" project over at ( ) and noticed that 3 of the 4 transistors were bc547 and only one was a bc337. To this effect I have two questions: 1. AFAIK, the bc337 seems to be a better choice in every way over the bc547, so why did the author u
I don't check if it's a software problem. But, you use a bc547 transistor, and you don't say anything about what kind of relay you used. BC546/bc547/BC548 transistors gain (hfe) are dependents of how much current drops from collector to emiter. First, base resistor must be lower 1K or less. I recomend that change the transistor to a bc337 is (...)
To drive piezo-buzzers you can use any general purpose NPN transistors .. Here are some examples: 2N2222 BC107 bc337 bc547 2N3904 2N4401 MPSA42 N100 ZTX450 ... In general, select one with Vce ≥ 30V and Ic ≥ 100mA .. Regards, IanP