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Hi, I have some BER curves about QC-LDPC and bch code I wonder what theoretical SNR gap between them is under hard decoding process. Could anyone know about it? Thank you.
Hey guys, actually I need your help. I got some Berlekamp-Massey algorithm C code. I have been trying to change 2t iteration to t iteration That means the algorithm have to iterate as much as two times of error correction capability, but I need to reduce that about half of error correction capability. All I want to know is explanation abo
Look up papers on DEC-TED using bch Implementations of DEC and DEC-TED ECC using a parallel implementation approach in 90nm technology demonstrate that these codes can effectively be applied for SRAM applications.
hi i need bch(127,64) code urgently,and any golay code as i have some problem in it....thanks
Hey, I need help finding the generator polynomial for a bch code. I have been going through a fair few pages over the internet to learn about bch codes. Basically the information i have so far is that to get the generator matrix i must consider the roots (nth root of unity). The generator matrix is the (...)
Hello everyone, I want to know how can I see the BER with Eb/No. when one is using bch coder and decoder together with awgn channel,rayleigh fading channel and bpsk modulator and demodulator in matlab simulink. Can I get graph for it,if yes, then how? However I have seen the fading effect on new version of matlab. Can I see fading effect and BER on
in spread spectum communcation systems, the PN code are employed as m-sequences,Golde code,Kasami sequences,Bent sequences,dual bch sequences etc for spreading code .
If anyone has a chart/draw of BER= f (SNR) performance for different codes used (Hamming, bch, Reed-Solomon, Convolutional,...) to see whats the best code. I know its convolutional but i need a draw to show it. Thank you.
Iam studing the bch codes and I need a bch software in Matlab. Thank you for your help!
Please I want to know what the "Key Equation" is Solving this equation is an importan step in decoding bch codes like Reed-Solomon At the decoder ,after calculating the Syndrome, the next blook is "KES Block" (Key Equation Solver Block) please help me thanks
hii all, m doing project on concatenated codes, whose constitutes are bch and Single parity check codes. i m looking for MATLAB codes for bch encoder. can anyone plz tell me how can i find it online? i wil be so grateful ..thanx a million in advance. u can write me on
Salam I want paper or link or any thing about rate estimation for channel codes like bch or Reed-Solomon or any other channel codes. Rate estimation means finding (n,k) of codes. It is urgent, I want it until Friday but I donate 10 points. thanks
Hi all I need information on bch codes, right from basics. Any good ebook, site? or can anybody give me some basics to start off with.
Hello all, Matlab supply the bchenc function, but it said the code length must be 2^m -1. Could code length not equal to 2^m -1? Any suggestions will be appreciated! Best regards, Davy