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Digi-Key has lots of fans and lists their CFM and dB along with bearing style and so on. On eBay you can find cheap DC motor speed control boards, which ought to work with a brushless fan. Want to pick the two together, compatible voltages. I have used lamp dimmers to control series-wound power tools but not sure how happy they would be at contr
In a ring oscillator you can't have different frequencies at different tap-points, without it being really messed up. Maybe this is some sort of measurement artifact. The error you state, is 4-6%. Excessive phase noise might be spoofing the frequency measurement method. Eyeball the jitter relative to period (bearing in mind that trying to
Hi dear, We're a Chinese MANUFACTURER, mainly produces CNC PCB Routing Machine and CNC PCB Drilling Machine. Products are mainly used for processing Aluminum PCB, FR4 PCB and Rigid PCB, FPC and Acrylic etc. Machines are with features: 2 or 4 heads KLKJ Ball bearing spindles 60 Krpm / 160 Krpm Tool storage: 11 pcs / 200 pcs Automatic tool
You haven't described the noise problem and if I assume it is from winding and magnetostiction, this circuit will not fix that. If it is bearing resonance from fatigue, you might be able to tune it to an anti resonant low speed, maybe. Can you open it to determine the speed control method is R switched Triac with C delay or switched
In any single-well process one of those is the substrate and this is a poor-quality common connection. Drive one body, drive them all. Probably not the plan. More complex FEOL flows can give you N and P wells both reverse-biased-junction isolated. These, you may drive independently. bearing in mind that your body driven MOSFET can easily show its
A great deal depends on the pivot, hinge, and bearings. The gate must be easy to get moving. This may even be more important than its length, height, weight. Use ball bearings if possible. I can imagine a gate of your dimensions needing automotive wheel bearings. About motor power... probably the same rating that pulls a motorboat up onto (...)
The graph has no bearing on PWM requirements for quality. For this, PWM rate must much higher than signal freq. and for impedance control of power the carrier should be at least 10x the upper baseband signal.
I was going through the datasheet of a 17 CFM 230v was mentioned that there are two types of ball bearings i.e. terminal ball bearing and wire lead ball there any difference between them??
The problem with small spindle motors is poor bearing vibration and "runout" or wobble. The trick is to find a dummy spindle motor with a 0.5 or 0.75" shaft and cascade this spindle driven by the smaller motor to reduce the runout.
Mems accelerometer sounds like best approach. Otherwise a tiny ball-bearing free to roll and make noise on motion enclosed with cheap mic.
What heat sinking does your diode have? Assume you gave some care to the regulator, but the diode sees the same current (albeit lower voltage drop). Figure a standard silicon diode at 500mA burns 350-400mW. Take a normal thetaJA (and bearing in mind those are always at some spec airflow, which is nil inside an Altoids can) and do the warm-n-toasty
Process control info (which ought to be a piece of design kit collateral) should include an electrical and probably optical Tox. Cox would follow eSi*e0*tox, bearing in mind that electrical tends to be thicker than optical due to poly depletion, etc. (the reason for an electrical Tox measurement, is largely to ensure control of such second order is
Thermal relays are used to protect small induction motors from locked rotor. Additional thermal sensing in built into large 500 Hp motor bearings which if seized will burn out faster than windings so this is used to protect motor against sleeve bearing failures.
Dear all.. I have 5 sensors placed in a linear configuration at known location. There is a sound source at a specific bearing/angle(bearing/angle of the source is variable)and known distance from the sensors array. I want to record the signal received at each sensors. Please help me simulating the scenario in matlab. i will be really very
Not that it has any bearing on the problem, but why would you run a simulation with 1 fs resolution? That is not a reasonable value. 1 ps resolution is normally required by PLL models from Xilinx and Altera, but 1 fs? You've neglected to tell us the following: 1. OS 2. ISE version 3. Memory in machine running simulation 4. did you look at isim.log
Bad bearing.
guys i am working on 75 watt led driver on power integration lnk420eg flyback topology. when i am giving surge voltage 3kv, the drain pin of that ic is going to burn or blast on last pulse of 5 pulse cycle............. here are my questions: 1. can transformer design play important roll in surge bearing????? 2. i want to make it 5-6kv pass ,plea
Hi, I wanted to evaluate heat/temperature distribution on a ceramic substrate, bearing some MW integrated circuits, structures, and DC lines. The temperature distribution due to DC and MW signals can be seen with a MW and thermal co-simulation and looks fine to me. The DC and MW signals pass through an IC. For the electrical model, this IC is rep
I built this quite a while ago, but thought I'd share. It used to have CDs as blades but they broke off. It's a micro wind turbine build mostly from old re-claimed computer parts from the junk bin at my old work. The generator coils, magnets, bearing and support disc (platters) are all from old hard drives. The vertical fin is made from fibreglass
because the fan is not working after 3-4 hours - fan stops after 3-4 hours? - fan doesn't work at all? In any case, it's probably a fan problem. Cleaning of intake filters, fan, heatsinks might help, possibly a drop of oil for fan bearing.