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I'm trying to get used to using HFSS by working with an old save file, however every time I draw a shape it does not appear on the top layer with the rest of the antenna I'm trying to imitate, but rather several layers below. Is there any way to make it move to the top level? Or to draw it on the top level to begin with? Thank you!
Hi, When I use nanoroue to do fix antenna,it cannot not fix it for several loop. how to begin new search and repair cycle to fix the antenna? start delete and reroute for process antenna violation fix ... #Total wire length = 8948664 um. #Total half perimeter of net bounding box = 7834222 um. #Total wire length on layer METAL1 = 246604 u
Hi, I use SE to place IOs and set the 'Placement Mode' to 'I/O Constraint File', reading in the file 'oplace.ioc', then select 'Pin layer Assignment' and click ok, but I get such error: begin OPPLACE ... user error: Version number expected as 5.3 or greater. IOPLACE failed. I use sedsm -version to check the release and get 'sedsm 05.30-p
if you have a complete gds netlist, you stream in your gds into astro, define your layer numbers, and VDD/VSS. Then, you can write out a complete netlist. All this works if your gds was extracted completely to begin with.