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hi matlabers, i am trying to compute ber in ofdm but did not get the curve that i look for.anyone can help me?this is my code.. dataType = '16qam'; % Modulation format. totalSubcarriers = 1024; % Number of total subcarriers. numSymbols = 16; % Data block size. Fs = 5e6; % System bandwidth. Ts = 1/Fs; % System sampling (...)
Hi all... I am simulating QAM signal in Rayleigh Fading environment in matlab... I want to compare the ber with theoretical ber... If in AWGN, theoretical ber of 16qam is given: ber_th=(3/8)*erfc(sqrt((2/5)*SNR))-(9/64)*(erfc(sqrt((2/5)*SNR)))^2 I dont know how to get theoretical (...)
I am trying to build 16qam Transmitter/Receiver in multipath fading channel, First I need to transmit Packet of 1500 bytes (12000 bits) through the channel and plot the ber. Then I need to transmit the same Packet of bytes + 20 additional bytes (12160 bits) and plot the ber. The problem is that I need to transmit both of the packets (...)
Hi, I'm trying to calculate ber in QAM modulation assuming AWGN and using an assumed SNR. I would like to plot ber against a varying SNR for 16qam 64QAM and 128QAM. Using a constant rate. An example of such a calculation would be most useful. Thanks Steve
I have simulated Alamouti schemes for BPSK and 16qam. The results for the Alamouti scheme wiht BPSK modulation are qute good but the one with 16qam modulation are really bad. I have compared the Alamouti scheme with 16qam modulation with simple SISO (16qam). THe performance of Alamouti is really bad (SNR vs (...)
Can ne one plz give me the matlab code for the simulation of 4QAM with SNR vs ber graph? Waiting.... cheers
I want matlab code file (m file) that simulate Link Level simulation indiferent modulation (QPSK,8PSK,16qam, 64QAM) and diferent codes (1/2,1/3,1/4) using turbo code to get Frame error rate or ber.