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Hi All, I am a newbie to demodulation and carrier synchronization. for low power demodulation the data after ADC in RX, what are the various algorithms algorithm available? A google search returned Viterbi, LDPC, Matched filter etc. for optimum demodulation, one also needs carrier synchronization for good ber (...)
Hi all guys, I have designed a receiver for fsk reception in 434 MHz ISM band. for this I used USRP1 and GnuRadio. Now, I would like to measure performances of my receiver. for this purposes I did following: I transmit over cable using signal generator a bunch of 10000 frames with pseudorandom data, (...)
friends..i designed simulink model for m ary fsk modulation of reed solomon codes but my ber curve for monte carlo method is not appearing similar to that of theoretical.can anybody help???
Hello all, I need to make a matlab code for indoor channel model (Office) based on fsk modulation scheme and calculate the ber value.Actually I am new to this thing and do not have any idea from where to start. So if anyone have matlab code for indoor channel model please post it here or send me. Your help would be (...)
Uncompressed high speed digital data as source for frequency modulation (FM) in an environment where zero ber is a requirement? Everything is possible but FM modulated wireless link seems a bit overcomplicated (assume you are thinking about to modulate with DA-converted raw picture information). Are you sure that it not is (...)
Hi there, I am studying how bad is demodulation in case of not having a real match filter as the first block in the reception of the signal. do you know where could I find curves which take into account this error in the filter?? The only curve I found is the teoretical one and I guess, its behaviour is not the same Thanks in advance!!
I have been trying to find a mathematical equation that relates ber to SNR for fsk. Could you also tell me how to relate Eb/N0 to SNR and if i was to neglect the terms used (to relate them), what suitable values can i give them. Please do help.. I'm in a fix :(
From several excerpts i shall list down a few relationships C=B*log2(1+S/N) Sensitivity of a receiver=Ni+SNR(min)+NF where Ni=kTB k=boltzmans constant T=Temperature B=bandwitdth NF=noise figure I'm given a particular value of ber(10^-3). fsk modulation is being done on manchester enco
Hello I have modeled a 4fsk modulator whit modulation index (h=2) in VSS in order to analyze its ber. But I am totally confused by Energy per symbol (Es) interpretation. I have set the OUTLVL=0 and OLVLTYP to Energy Symbol (dB). The DRATE is 500 and the SMPSYM is set to 16. So it means that there are 16 samples for every (...)
Hello dear friends, I should simulate a wideband M-ary fsk system with an LDI (limiter discriminator integrator) receiver in order to analyze its performance and obtain the relationship between ber and SNR in rayleigh fading channels . This project should be done with MATLAB. I am not sure if it is possible to use simulink (...)
Coherent ASK detection has the same Eb/N0 characteristic as coherent fsk detection. If you have Matlab you can utilize the bertool... SNR = (0:1:18 ); ber = berawgn(SNR, 'fsk', 2, 'coherent'); figure; semilogy(SNR, ber); grid on; xlabel('E_b/N_0 (dB)'); (...)
Hi! The PSK modulation is the best talking about ber/Bandwidth. Of course is a little more complex than the other two (the implementation). If you want that those modulations were "Continous Wave" Type, you will have a lot of more trouble implementing your circuits. In other hand, you have the data transmition rate. If you want to do a low