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hi guys! I have recently put together a device that can measure and display temperature. i am using 2 seven segment displays, one small display for displaying some parameters and 1 large display (4inch height) for displaying the temperature. now the problem with the large display is that the right most digit is extra bright while the left three
Hi I am trying to debug a simulation mismatch. I am viewing the design through DFT Visualizer. I gave the pattern index of the simulated pattern. The visualizer shows 9 bits of data for each pin in the instance. It is something like this. D 000-000-000 Q 000-100-000- What does it mean?
I try to use XLCD library with default pin setup, It compiled successfuly. But when I simulate it gives this error. Attempted to read after writing a single nibble When I only use OpenXLCD command, It again gives same arror. OpenXLCD(FOUR_BIT & LINES_5X7); Here is my code, #defin
It should be possible to instantiate the BFM in your master testbench. The syswip IP should have some doc on that. Years ago I used the syswip axi4lite BFM is my master SV testbench and was successful. You need to do some 'import' of the BFM and later instantiate the master and/or salve interface/s. I don't remember the exact steps. All I can
The missing link here is you are not utilizing the interrupt at all. The interrupt routine (ISR) is called automatically by the timer module, you don't have to read it or put it in your program loop. Think of it as a subroutine that gets magically called whenever something triggers it, in this case the timer reaching maximum value and rolling ove
Hello I want to make single linked list When I compile code GCC compiler gives many warning #include #include struct Node{ int N; struct Node *next; }; struct Node *addNode(struct node *next , int n ) { struct Node *new = malloc(sizeof(*new)); new->N = n; new->next = next; ret
we executing some code in neoway n10 gsm module. module get restarting randomly (example: i kept the module for testing for a 15 hours. in between module get restarted at 5 hours once, 2 hours once, 30 minutes once and 5 minutes once). please anybody tell me how to fix this issue?
Hello all! First of all, I want to apologize for my poor English. I'm from Russia. I have STM32F103C8 boad and I am trying to compile a project from this article (source code . zip) in the Atollic TrueSTUDIO for STM32 9.2.0 environment,
Hello all! First of all, I want to apologize for my poor English. I'm from Russia. I have STM32F103C8 boad and I am trying to compile a project from this article (source code . zip) in the Atollic TrueSTUDIO for STM32 9.2.0 environment,
They rely heavily on look-up tables. There will be a table for each instruction that tells it whether it is a single byte or multi-byte (or multi-word) instruction and how many cycles it takes to complete. The virtual processor model 'runs' the program with the cycles taken for each instruction, including possible different number of cycles for co
Please let me know that I want to display sensors reading, 6 sensors 3 for Voltage sensing and 3 for current sensing CT. I recently write a code for reading ADC data, please let me know what is good approach for making code. I mean, code with good sequence for controller, not hanging and not take extra memory. Please make your (...)
For my research, i need to implement a Turbo Decoder to test a few things. I was able to write the BCJR algorithm code in matlab and for the most part, it works fine. By working fine, i mean that after a number of iterations, the number of errors reduces to zero or flatttens out. Where i am having a problem (...)
Hi !, my name is Mariah and I am new in this forum. I have come and joined this forum with really high hope that I would get some help from you people. So I have been working for a project that I really want to finish. I want to built a circuit that automatically disconnect after a certain period of time. The time can be manually changed an set by
Hi, I am looking for thermocouples with readers. I just found one with software support. There is a statement in the user manual / datasheet. I am trying to understand this statement. "RS-232 port to transfer data to PC for analysis" Using RS-232 port to transfer data to PC means that the serial communication protocol is UART ? Is it po
I have to generate a two different sine wave(1st sine wave normal sine wave which is generate from 0 degree and 2nd one phase shifted sine wave ) using Verilog, and on google, I found something related to it but somehow I didn't understand. So, could anyone explain to me the logic behind this code? modul
Hi, As by default PLL is enable in the 18F46k22. If so with the code below , # include <18F46K22.h> #fuses NOMCLR,NOLVP,NOBROWNOUT,PUT,NOXINST #use delay(internal = 64MHz) //ORI 8//BY DEFAULT PLL IS ENABLE SO 20 crystal is used the 20X4 =80MHZ will be the FOSC = 64Mhz and then Instruction Clock =64/4=16MIPS ? Is this corre
I have written a verilog code of a counter, and I have done the synthesis of that counter code using Cadence Genus tool. Now I want to calculate the power. For that I have used the command report power and got the leakage power, dynamic power, mainly total power consumed what I actually want. Now my question is whether this power is related to any
Hello guys, Now I try to generate a sine wave with STM32F7 microprocessor with using external 8 bit DAC (DAC082S085). The microprocessor and DAC is communicated each other with SPI transmit only master mode. Now, there is a generated sine wave which looks like an interrupted shape. Do you have any idea to solve this problem? Thank you, He
It is for good reason they are called circular trigonometric functions. You can also use them for sin and cos functions. But the Pade approximation is simpler and faster. That is probably only true if you have a hardware multiplier available with enough number of bits. One feature of the CORDIC algorithm is that ther