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Hi All, I am a newbie to demodulation and carrier synchronization. For low power demodulation the data after ADC in RX, what are the various algorithms algorithm available? A google search returned Viterbi, LDPC, Matched filter etc. For optimum demodulation, one also needs carrier synchronization for good ber performance? What techniques
Any standard ber tester will be fine.Keysight or Rohde Schwarz manufacture such tester.The tester may apply any standard digital modulation scheme.
I wonder wich bit error rate(ber) I must use if I (theoreticaly) design radio telecommunication system, when I use modulation and forward error correction(FEC) code. How do I calculate overal (net) ber? Is it sum of ber(modulation) and ber(FEC) or just ber (FEC)? How is ber of system (...)
i want compare ber performance of different modulation techniques using mutple antenna at tx and rx side, parameters will be number of antennas, number of carriers, type of channel used, number of pilots symbols, number of channel taps, start and stop of SNR, modulation (...)
The quadrature detector consists of;:arrow: 2 inputs and 2 outputs . "perfection, depends on how you define the specs with details, for error free- performance, as in noisy data streams ber, here is the BEE ERROR RATE." nothing simple is perfect!:roll::roll::!: Let's call inputs A & B valid when both are blocked "1" then unblocked "0" to detect o
Hi karthigowri. O-QPSK: stand for Offset Quadrature Phase Shift Keying. the advantage of this type is, the maximum phase shift provide by o-QPSK is 90 degree which will reduce the distortion in the receiver side leading to low ber. For further clarification there are many articles related to this topic is available in internet. Hope it may helpful
Hi, I have some ber curves about QC-LDPC and BCH code I wonder what theoretical SNR gap between them is under hard decoding process. Could anyone know about it? Thank you.
Hi all! I research the performance of MIMO and i need the MATLAB implementation for ber of iterative MIMO receiver that includes the exchange of soft information between equalizer and LDPC decoder in LLR form. Anyone can help?
Hi , I have the book called "optical wireless communication:system and channel modeling with matlab" and i'm currently learning PPM modulation. i've come to the part on performance under AWGN channel where the author explained about the error probability with soft decision and came to the analytic solution that was taken from "digital communi
I try to make a comparaison between the ML,MMSE,ZF, SD decoders in terms of ber performance using a 4QAM modulation.Can you help me to do this. Thank you
in LTE physical layer implementation using matlab , the turbo decoder when operates only with AWGN it performance is ordinary but when i add the blocks of layer mapping and ofdm it has no effect on them that the ber is still equal ber without using turbo so i didn't know what is the problem !!! that performance with turbo (...)
Please sir, help me to have the matlap code for single-branch dual AF. P/S: Like in the paper "A performance Study of Dual-Hop Transmissions With Fixed Gain Relays". 91939
Hi, I am doing project on "coordinated beamforming based on SVD for multi user MIMO systems with limited feedforward". In the paper, under simulation results they mentioned monte carlo simulation results are used to demonstrate the performance of CBF. The first Subsection demonstrates it's performance in terms of average ber. How to show (...)
Hi i am doing a project in MC-cdma in Matlab.I have used the following code.However i am confused as to how many cyclic prefix bits are to be ber doesnot show any significant inprovement by changing the bits.Can anyone point out where i am going wrong?? clc; clear all; M=10^3;%no of data bits N=128;%no of subcarriers/no of codes cp=2
Im working on Analysis of Cooperative communication in wireless ntws. i had made a matlab code in which i analysis ber performance (ber Vs SNR) of Co-Op Comm , since Co-Op Comm provide Increased data rate on less SNR as compare to Direct comm so i want to add Data rate VS SNR plot in my work . im also interested in adding (...)
I find out some good LDPC codes. There are rate=15/16 QC-LDPC codes with regular-3 variable nodes I want to know What code design method can provide good ber performance in such ultra-high code rate.
Demodulate and forward relaying is simpler but requires spacial and time diversity with adequate ber margin While decode and forward relaying is more complex but assumes protocol for error detection and repeat or correct improves performance before relaying. It is a tradeoff between complexity,cost and ber for a given path loss and (...)
use MATLAB's berawgn(...) function.
need pertinent information relating to bt's tdd time slot configuration and receiver ber performance. there is a lot of conflicting info on the web. i need it straight from the source. does anyone out there have a copy of the real ieee 802.15.1 bt spec?
Hi, I am currently working on a project wherein I am using SIMULINK for performance evaluation of GMSK for mobile communication. These are the problems faced by me: -how to plot ber curve for GMSK under rayleigh and rician fading channels... as these blocks dnt hv Eb/No as a parameter as in AWGN block. -how to obtain the power spectrum for GMS