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Hi guys! We are just starting on this thing of multiuser communications, and we have some doubts about the ber performance,it´s about 0.5 and doesn´t improve while we increase the Eb/No from bertool as is expected, we are so out of clues here so if you could help us we´ll be very pleased! here I attach the .mdl file, my email es hernandella
Hi! I need to simulate with Matlab a QPSK and 8PSK modulations using LDPC Coding. I need to obtain the theoricals graphs of the Eb/No and ber relationship for differents code rates and modulations (in fact, I need to obtain the graphs for Eb/No and ber relationship for a DVB-S2 system), but I can't find a ber formula for LDPC codes. Thanks!
i am working in papr reduction in ofdm using clipping tecniques, so i need a program which consists of ber performance and cccf plot both, please help me. send me your email i'll send u some example
Hi all, I have got a Rayleigh Fading Channel Simulation code by Matlab but its performance about resulting ber is not right. The code list below: N=length(spread_sig); n = sigmaN*(randn(1,N)+1j*randn(1,N))/sqrt(2); % white gaussian noise, 0dB variance h = 1/sqrt(2)*(randn(1,N) + 1j*randn(1,N)); % Rayleigh channel,the range of h submit t
I am looking for the ber performance in AWGN, Rayleigh fading and frequency selective fading. ber_awng = (1/2)*erfc(sqrt(EB_NO)) for AWGN ber_Rayleigh=0.5.*(1-sqrt(EB_NO./(EB_NO+1)) for Rayleigh fading However, I dont know is there a theory value for frequency selective fading. If there is, can someone tell me
Dear all, I want to interface system level results (C/I) to link level results (Frame Erasure Rates), so I need some mapping tables and statistical link level results/ curves for GSM link level performance (ber vs. C/I and FER vs. ber). Does anybody have link level mapping tables ? Thanks.
I am equally in serious need of simulink model of ber performance of wimax phy layer. if the forum can help me with one i may be grateful.
Hello all I have a mimo WLAN system , and i have a problem to making the system with good performance in ber coz my system have an error so high, could anyone explain about anything that could cause the results ber were very bad? Thanks
send me the basic requirement , aither ur doing SNR vs ber perfromence, which modulation and encoding, so that i can frwd u
HI....I need matlab codes for mutiple feedback successive interference cancellation in MU-MIMO...... can anybody help ?waitin 4 reply.....need materials to study ber performance too..................
When ploting ber against Eb/No, why we should apply log base 10 to Y-axis or ber value? because the graph will be totally different when you dont apply log base 10.
Sorry but have you found any Matlab code regarding fast fading Rayleigh channel? Now I'm trying to simulate ber performance of BPSK with time-variant Rayleigh channel with different Doppler freqs! I want to simulate ber performance using Clarke fading channel model with several Doppler freqs in detail. Thanks in advance!
Hi, here is a a matlab code that I wrote for using soft viterb for cc 1/2 , the problem is what I get in ber performance is like the one for hard viterbi ,,please check the code and see if you can help me figuring out the reason
Hi everybody For my thesis paper i need matlab code for Multiple Antenna Technique in WIMAX.if anyone have plz send me through my mail(;it ll helpful for me ; code for :ber performance in BPSK - OFDM - SFBC system code for :Capacity Analysis of MIMO System code for:ber for BPSK modulation with Alamouti STBC (...)
1. Probability of Outage 2. SNR 3. ber. Most difficult and obviously most important to determine is ber
if anyone know about how to plot the ber in Pedestrian A so please please tell me , in OFDM 16 QAM
Hi realbaltalyus, What you say is not very clear for me. Please tell: - how do you get results (Monte Carlo?). Please give details. - what ber do you get at lower SNRs? Regards Z
Hello I am trying to see the performance of Viterbi decoder on different bit length data for certain range of Eb/No value(0 to 10 dB). I generate 1000 bits length data, encode it, pass it over AWGN, decode it and simulate the ber. I divide the same original 1000 bits length data into 2 (five hundred five hundred each) and did the same procedure.
Hello. I made a modulator-demodulator binary PAM in a pair of FPGAs. Now, I want to test my design to find the bit error rate (or error probability) versus SNR. What is a correct procedure to achive a good estimation of the ber? my method, at this time was the following. I generated 100 random sequences of ones and zeros, I take an inter
Hello Everyone I actually need of a matlab code which is using matrix interleaver in idma. i want to check its ber vs SNR performance. And i also want to simulate my interleaver in place of matrix interleaver. So kindly tell me what are the parameters on which interleaver performance should be measured(for ex- its block length)?