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Hi, I am trying to find the formula for the ber vs Eb/No curves but I only see the curves themselves as 10^-6 ber is about 10.5 Eb/No 156082 what is the formula to get these results?
Hi Guys Can you please suggest a good verilog or vhdl book on implementation of optimised mathematical functions such as convolution, matrix multiplication etc... (or any other resource) Thanks very much
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Hi, I am using oserdes in Xilinx xcvu3p and run into following clock skew problem. (see attachment). I tried this but it didn't help. Any idea?
Hi, I am the maker of UltraMiner FPGA, I?d like to introduce you to our project, which will be launched on CrowdSupply platform soon! (please sign up for project update if interested!) Our FPGA board is designed with the latest Xilinx 16nm UltraScale+ Kintex, very high performance and p
Are you discussing an FPGA design with embedded software to run the FPGA design (Cyclone V DE1-SoC) or a software solution on a Raspberry Pi 3? If you are only using the Cyclone V's dual core A9 then this question doesn't even belong in the FPGA section. As you are considering a Pi3 instead of the SoC solution then you probably had no intention of
I am trying to determine whether a binary number is of power of two (in other words, is it of one-hot encoding). I found a method to do so, but it is for integer. Could anyone help to transform the method for usage with binary number in verilog ? htt
Hi everyone, I want to share with you the 55-65 GHz low noise amplifier. The chip is a three-stage V-band Monolithic Low Noise Amplifier (MMIC) with good electrical performance. It is manufactured by standard CMOS process. The power consumption is as low as 15mW to obtain 20dB small signal gain and -8dBm output -1dB compression point.
Hi, Why are capacitors connected right before and after the reverse polarity protection schottky diode in input voltage circuit? What is the use of capacitors in this case? And if i supply 20volts input, how much voltage should be outcome before and after the reverse polarity diode ??
Hi guys, First of all, I apologize in advance if my question makes no sense, but this is the first time I am dealing with an entire RF transmitter. For my research project in grad school I designed an RF transmitter that includes a digital baseband (SPI and SRAM for loading the IQ samples), analog baseband (IQ DACs and filters), and the RF front
I have noticed in all the books as an introduction, it is written that the Fan out is one of the performance measurement parameter for the Logic families. Why do not we look at the Fan in ? Thank you
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Dear friends, What is the importance of the -3 dB freuquency in the open loop charasterics of the operational amplifier. We mostly are design to satisfy the GBW value then f-3dB just comes as a consequence of that Thank you very much
Hi, In receiver design, we care very much about linearity and the IIP3 of the receiver must satisfy some requirements. But how is intermodulation affecting the receiver system? I saw from the BLE 4.2 document that for bluetooth receiver, to measure the IIP3, if the desired frequency is f0, the two tone signals f1 and f2 must be chosen that 2*
Hi, I have designed doherty power amplifier for 3.4-3.6 GHz band. After many optimization process, I get the required specifications. However, the simulation results show instability at 500 MHz to 1 GHz (K<0), and at 1.4 GHz (K<1). For other frequencies from 0 to 6GHz the amplifier is stable. So, Is the instability at the above mentioned frequenc
I'm reading the attached document in that I didn't understand what is Snapback. when I search about Snapback it shows some basketball caps.
Hi i have a general question about Ultiboard: How good is the auto-routing function compared with other auto-routers? I ask this for different reasons. I have tried to route 0.5mm SMD chips using 10mil nets and that works but you need to use quite some tricks to get it done. I found that 9mil traces with 7mil trace-pad spacing
Is a fast recovery diodes maximum reverse recovery time the same speed during its max forward current & Repetitive peak reverse voltage or is it much longer than what was specified?
I have designed class AB Power amplifier for 3.4-3.6 GHz band. When i checked the stability, the amplifier was stable over the entire band (K>1). But for out of band at certain frequencies (0.5 to 1.2 GHz & 3.9 GHz ) is unstable. So, Is this condition will have an effect on the PA's performance?