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Hello all! I'm pretty new to ASIC and liberty files and I was wondering if there was a general trend in liberty files and different threshold voltages. For example, say I'm operating on a library (I'll try to make it as general as possible so std cell, io or memory - any cell, any PVT) and the only variable that would be changing is the thres
Hi, usually we would like to know what is the output power(Pout1dB) at input 1 dB compression point (Pin1dB). Does this mean first I find Pin1dB and then do the loadpull at this input power? Basically how do I choose how much input power I should provide? Thanks
Hi everyone, I am using ADS and i have modeled a circuit with 2 input ports and 4 output ports using a .s6p file. I am using P1tone power source with the two input ports. I am using Harmonic Simulator and S parameter simulation controllers. At output i am doing analysis on the voltage signals at 4 output ports. I want to add Additive White G
You are right, driving element impedance depends on the reflector and director spacing. I found this table in Balanis Antenna Theory. Numbers are for regular half-wave dipole, folded dipole has 4x this impedance. 155029 A full featured yagi design tool should be able to calculate the impedance, I didn't find respective
I look into datasheet STM32F303 page 122 6.3.21 Operational amplifier characteristics and I'm a little confused. ILOAD Drive current max 500uA RLOAD Resistive load min 4kOhm Amplifier is Rail to Rail and Analog supply voltage 2,4 - 3,6 already at output v
Hi all, I'm looking for a low power handling and low price 90 degree hybrid coupler part which covers 200 MHz to 850 MHz. Anybody has a solution? Best Regards, Hadi
Hi. Which tuning coil yields a better selectivity Q factor by itself on a resonant LC circuit, one made with a thin or a thick conductor ? What about the capacitor; which type/attributes contribute to better selectivity ?
Hi, I'm going to test the performance of an antenna, but unfortunately the antenna is connected to the receiver front-end and ADC on the board and cannot be separated from the board. So the only way I can read out the signal is to read the data from ADC. Is it possible to convert voltage samples into power(in dBm)? I've seen that some ADCs are able
please i want from you explain why this code don't get the ber correctly and how to add 2steps in this code 1-Compensate CFO in Reciever 2-delete effect the channel and do think these 2 steps can change the code and gets the ber correctly %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% SP.FFTsize = 64; % SP.inputBlockSize =16; N=64; SP.CPsize=20;
Fm Transmitter I was looking for a project to make for fun when i found this FM transmitter, i got curious because it is a best project for fun as well as you tube, it is a simple FM transmitter but i make it it the simplest. I replaced the variable capacitor with a fixed one, re-calculated its frequency to be able to tu
Hi, for my project I am using a TLV4172/OPA4172 OpAmp. I'm using this OpAmp because it's rail to rail and it's dual power. These are features that I need. But it's very expensive. Are you aware of a valid substitute that costs less?
It's hard to unscrew the coaxial cable from the antenna.... The center pin of the connector is often gold plated. The body is not. Some corrosion on the aluminium arms on the antenna will not affect the performance. You can spray paint the exposed aluminium parts. For the connector, you can apply some graphite lubricant (make su
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because the foundry said so. you go with it. your knob is the number of fins, not their width.
Hi guys, I'm a trainee at a research institution, I'm working on RF design and the goal is to design amplifier, so in RF design there are EDA tools, we are using ADS Advance design system, one of the phases in my trainee program is about match impedance between a source and the load, I started to look at how to match impedances, and find out th
Hi, Can anyone help to explain what a predictive FIFO refers to. Thanks.
I have a RTL to synthesize in DC. How do I chose the value of various constraints like clock period, input/ output delay and multi cycle paths etc?
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Would ganging all channels of an LM324 to buffer +/-5v from a dual supply ~25mA per channel cause its high frequency performance to drop? There are specialty buffer opamps but I only need =<1Mhz. This is to measure parasitics of coils and transformers.
I have an issue in designing a Waveguide port termination. The waveguide simulation works for the desired frequency when both the ends of the waveguide are driven by a waveguide port. When single ended simulation happens the S11 performance is poor.

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