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I am trying to loosely couple a coaxial resonator using two copper ribbons. My line is shorted on one end as shown here: . The lines loops are fed through a BNC to and shunted to ground near the center con
Hi I have found this filter/amp combination, being simple with nice features. I wonder can I use other opamps like the ne5534 or is the performance specific to the 741 and will differ if using other opamps? Also how about Jfet based ones like the tl071?
I have a cooktop which SMPS is bad. It should produce 24VDC but it only does 16V. Here is a schematic with a very similar topology. It works with a TOP254GN IC. For first I tried to change 3 main components as all other parts looks fine and as these 3 tend to fail on this panel as I read on forums: - D6 Diode (original SMD mark: T4X5) -> r
Is it true that if we try Case 2 with a large number of samples, we should arrive at results that are similar to Case 1? From what I have seen dealing with multiple foundries is that, some only provide a mismatch/MC corner for typical corner and the corner model files do not have mismatch/MC models. So in order to get an accurate result we used to
I would like some help figuring out this linear regulator. 157235 I'd like to break it down into the three main parts as I see it. I understand that there's a pass transistor Q3. D1 and C1 form to create a reference voltage. I understand that Q4 forms some type of current limiter but I am unsure how it works. p
Hi I would like to display the ber of Ultra wideband transceiver. Taking account that i designed this transceiver in ADS then i extract its output signal with the extension .csv. I put this output file.csv in the same location of file.m then i would like to calculate its ber. I'm so gratefull if you can give me a clear tutorial to display (...)
Hello! I have not used an oscilloscope since school, 20 years ago. I got a Kikusui cos2020 from a friend without any probes. Would be fun to use and learn with. But which probes should I buy? I was think about geting some cheap ones, but don't know if it's the right ones. P6060 probes from ali: Specificatio
Hi, The attached is a picture of the inductor current in a synchronous two transistor forward converter just after going from full load to no load. (its an LTspice sim) As you can see the inductor current suddenly reverses to a badly high level due to the fact that the LT1681 has ?malfunctioned??.the LT1681 holds the ?catch? synchronous rect
Why leakage current in low Vt cells is high as compare to high Vt cells ?
Hi, I'm designing a wireless transmitter that consists of a DAC, a switched-cap baseband filter and a passive upconverter. I'm trying to simulate the spectral performance (ACLR and EVM) and produce constellation plots using QAM signals. The signals have been generated in MATLAB with RRC pulse shaping or come straight from th
I plan to measure the output from an electrosurgical generator. 1. According to the user manual, the current output is AC current with ~500 kHz frequency and ~0.3 A amplitude. However, most digital multimeters have lower bandwidth than 500 kHz. How can I measure this current output? Do I have to use another measuring device instead of multimet
Hello, I'm designing a low pass chebyshev filter using stepped impedance. I'm using the book 'Microstrip Filters for RF/Microwave Applications' as a reference. I have difficulty understanding how low and high impedances are defined. The book uses Z0L = 93 ohms and Z0C = 24 ohms. I could not find an explanation for these values, I searched
I have something that I thought is a trivial problem and I have been trying to resolve for a while now with no success, thus I decided to reach out to you for help. I?m trying to create a little device that will measure voltage 0-32VDC (preferably -32V to +32VDC so in this way no polarity needs to be observed when connecting to voltage source)
Hello, Can anybody help me understand what are specifications of typical 5G antenna? ( Example Mobile device with 5G antenna) What type of antennas are used/recommended in 5G communication? Is there any reference or guideline available? I tried searching on google but its difficult to filter information. I would like to simulate in HFSS & u
Hi. I am currently doing a design and performance analysis of a ring oscillator. And I am having problem with the phase margin. I did the stability analysis. And it says "Gain(dB)is always less than zero. The loop is always stable. No gain margin or phase margin." What does it mean?
Hello everyone, I have a question about the N channel MOSFET SOI N, how is the device bulk polarized? 156287
Hello, I am running the Circuit optimization from ADE GXL, I am practising simple two-stage operational amplifier as it has shown below, I want to include a formula in my output setup the M6 drain current is near or equal to M7 drain current. This condition for the optimizer will assure that my circuit will have a very small offset voltage.
Hi all. I am desiging a current mirror. If we assume we have a reference current of 10 uA. What is typically the allowed error in a "good design"? In other words, if the design was a cascode current mirror, and the load changes from very small to the maximum load that is allowed by the headroom (for example 1V @100k Ohm). If the current changes fro
I'm not sure a "resonant controller" is needed or wanted. That naming usually applies to one / some of the resonant transformer DC-DC converter topologies. But this in turn relates to the complex switch drive needed for snubber, source / shunt switches in such topologies. In your case what you want is resonant frequency match to the funky all-
Hello everybody! I've recently (re-)started my journey in electronics. Last time I tried was very long time ago though. I started with books but not everything I read I understand. So I started playing with an amp for a dynamic mic and then I read I could use a loudspeaker as a mic which is interesting to play with (as I have a pair of very o