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I would choose berkeley of course. But if you prefer to come to Europe, TU Delft is a very good university in this area and as well as KU Leuven. Regards.
Greetings! UC berkeley seems to have completely revamped their site as a result of which some courses have gone missing. Specifically: EE142 by Prof.Niknejad (Fall 2005) and EE140 by Prof.Broderson (Fall 2004) are no longer available. Does anybody have these video lectures downloaded or know of any other site where they a
Has anyone done UC berkeley Extension ? Integrated Circuit Design & Techniques course (Online) ? If yes, please tell me what do you think about the course ? Is it worth doing this course ? course link is Certificate Program in Integrated Circuit Design and Techniques — UC berkeley
I checked EE240 berkeley slides. The professor drew nice circuit schematics for hSpice simulation. However, my hspice package only accepts text-based netlist. The LTSpice from Linear does have good GUI but sometimes the results are inconsistent with hspice. I am wondering if anybody knows what tools the berkeley course uses.
Can we calculate capacitances required for mosfet small signal analysis from berkley MOSFET models level 53 and 54. If yes please let me know how to do it. Of course it is possible. See the BSIM manual how it is done. This i
Hi all, I'm simulating intrinsic gain of a mos fet using ckt suggested in berkeley ee240 course. (ckt in the attachment) But I don't understand why using opamp here (vcvs in spice) could set the bias voltage correct..Similar bias ckt is used in another cs amplifier example (also attached). Please help~
Hi,all, Recently I am learning the Advanced Analog IC of Niknejad on berkeley website. But I have no the lecture notes of this course. Does anybody can send me a copy of the lecture notes ?
niknejad teaches it this semester, you can find his notes here:
These are the links of video lectures of Digital signal processing course from berkeley:
I searched podasts of UC Berkely, but there wasn't what u want. have a look urself: dsp:
take some berkeley's online course like EE140, you will learn a lot.
refer to this luck
just check berkeley course web sites:
I need spice code program especailly spice2g.6 was written fortran totally of course, I could get spice2g.6 code via following berkeley site . However, some part was written C code. May be, some people added C code in main fortran code. That was my problem. spice2g.6 soruce
Does anyone have the lecture notes of this course? VLSI signal processing by Bob Broderesen from berkeley?
Get them from: under estimate Google. :|
some courses are not in the berkeley webcast site, like eecs 242. i guess it has been stored there, and then been removed. i would like to know where i can find such backup.
Is there an easy way to convery spectre model file into spice. There is this spectre model used by ee240 course in berkeley. I wanted to convert it intp one with can be used by spice simulator like spice3f4.
check this it is berkely course it is very good khouly