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Both the center cell and the other 8 cells have their own, best symmetrical environment. It doesn't matter so much if the ratio deviates a little bit from 8 (e.g. 7.9): the whole band gap circuit has to be adjusted anyway. If you need more bjts anyway, you could surround the 3x3-cell block by another 16 "dummies" to create a 5x5-block, thereby g
I want to design a DC/DC converter Power supply, and I am choosing between MOSFET and bjt on which to use for Switching circuit. I have seen DC/DC converter switching IC that uses MOSFET/bjt for its switching part, which do you should I use? the one with MOSFET switch or bjt switch?
What are your suggestions?
Hello I have many problems to understand Noise , Noise figure , Shot noise and etc and I have to know completely about calculate Noise to calculate bjt , Mosfet and Block diagram amplifier. I will appreciate that you suggest a good book about Noise with simple steps Thanks
What are the best books or web resources to learn about how transistors (bjts) work, how to analyze them, and how to design using them? Thanks so much!
bjt are non-linear components by nature, so you can at best approximate a linear resistor charactericstic within a certain range. Or create the linear characteristic with the help of a feedback loop. A detailed parameter specification would be the first step.
Hi, While adding bjt NPN transistor in my Schematic in DxDesigner I am getting the following reply. Can anyone please tel me how should I remove this error of "Error: Model property is missing". I have attach the whole project. Many thanks in advance !! best regards, Bilal Searching..................................................
I am trying to design pulse generator with adjustable width 2ns-10ns and adjustable amplitude up to 20V. I am not sure what solution might be best to achieve these specs, so far I found Jim Williams AN98, figure 12. If anyone has better configuration suited for this, please let me know. Also are there bjt's with 0.5A/30V that have low capacita
To get a -good- op amp you would have to be pretty selective about components and especially matching. The old timey module op amps did a lot of binning and trimming. You can find many op amp schematics in old National databooks; LM301, LM324, LM741 are about as simple as it gets. And nowhere near "best". A single stage op amp design may be ha
thanks for your guide .and how can i select best point in IV curve for (for example) AB class power amp? "The best Point" is quite variable for the active device which you intend to use.Therefore, you should select a appropriate point and then try to optimize this OP in according to you specifications. I recommend
Which one would be the easiest solution for a beginner in this situation? y kersleywyy, you are asking for the best solution? Very hard to answer. There are various alternatives for an 30 MHz oscillator: With bjt or opamp, with RLC or RC or crystal,.. One critical point that has to be clarified is the question of
Hello! I design narrowband microstrip VCO based on s53mv's article ( ). Instead of bjt i use FET transistor, then phasing lines (calculated for other S-parameters), and resonator microstrip arranged as classical 1-element microstrip filter, not "comb" as in original article. To my surprise very nic
Of course it is necessary. I was asking if I could short it (0R), not remove the connection to gnd. I still wonder why it does not work with OP200, BTW. Thanks anyway for your answer. Yes - I think, you also could short this resistor. However, i am not sure if this is the best solution - perhaps not. Read carefully the
RM2488, In order to perform a quick comparation, I use the following calculus : P(bjt) = Vce(on)*I P(MOSFET) = Rds(on)*I^2 So, if Vce > Rds*I the best choice is the MOSFET. Of course, current nonlinear behaviour at MOSFET must be considered, and thershold limit is not exactly the one presented at above fo
I'm not sure if it works exactly as shown. Most likely, it doesn't achieve good switching performance in the present form. But there are similar circuits performing better. A good self oscillating inverter would work over a large load range with good efficiency. A bjt inverter would at best use current feedback to the base, and the frequency mus
Experience tells what is best. Try to read a good textbook on the basics.
Dear Ayazhaider Hi Are you sure that that diode in snubber circuit is 1n4007 ? isn't it a UF4007 ? And are you sure that is a bjt ? isn't that a mosfet ? can you test it ? best Wishes Goldsmith
Dear moha Hi Are you referring to the resistor in parallel with GS junction ? what kind of arrangement you are referring to ? can you show me a schematic ? best Wishes Goldsmith
hai frnd please check this link below will be helpful the best thank you
You need to stop thinking about the transistor as a resistor... it acts like a diode, so best to think of it as one. Here are your steps to analyze the circuit: Need Ic = 10 mA (max) Most bjt's need 0.7V across the base-emitter junction to turn on. Looking at hFE (DC current gain) on the spec sheet, you'll see that a BC109 has a minimum hFE
Hello my friend! Your circuit has many problem. 1st: you can not use a simple bjt and resistor as a not gate . 2nd: when you want use a mosfet as a diode , you should create the dead time at your PWM. 3rd:if you used Q2 , it is not necessary to use D2 . best Wishes Goldsmith
Dear Friend Hi Do you want control a relay with one volt? it is simple , use a simple bjt transistor , that your relay is in it's collector , and use a anti parallel diode , in parallel with your relay at reverse bias . and the emitter should be grounded . and your one volt with a resistor will be connect to the base. best Lucks Goldsmith
Dear juz_ad Hi Is it important for you , using the miller integrator with transistor ? i can describe it with an op amp ! can this help you? best Wishes Goldsmnith
Hi, I Think it is FAIRCHAILD FJAF5804 NPN 750V, 10A TO-3PF.(I dint find the datasheet on the web) You may use the FJA13009. I attached the datasheet. All d best Regards, Viswanath
plzz tell me the best book to study bjt, small signal parameters(h parameters, biasing in detail etc.. thanks
The dissipation of an ideal class A amplifier is independent of the AC signal, as implied by FvM's answer. If the amplifier is non-linear, then the dissipation can change with signal. In this case, the calculation is not straight forward, and a simulation would be your best approach to calculating the dissipation.
Well it is a pretty vague question for which at best you will get a vague answer. If you could be bothered to phrase a complete question you will have more success with an answer. Keith
Generally, at the lowest frequencies JFET is lower, then at higher frequencies bjt is best and at still higher GaAs is best. Ordinary MOSFET is generally worse than these three at any frequency. They are used because the IC process on silicon has the smallest number of masking steps for MOSFETs. This smaller masking steps causes or results (...)
Dear all, does anyone know how to layout a substrate pnp bjt? the layers i have are metal1, poly, pisland, nisland, nselect, pselect, nwell, pwell. please advise thank you so much best regards
Does have any idea about the problem ? I think Q4 open condition doesn't bring GROUND condition at active low RESET pin. Force pin to the GND level by adding a resistor betweeen and GND .. It's not the best way of switching by npn bjt, but should work .. Rgds, IanP
Please post schematics as pictures (PNG tends to be the best choice). There is many reason for this: * Much smaller file size * It doesn't take a lot of time to open the office application. * User might not have an office compatible application installed. * Other users can see the picture directly. * Better chance to get help becase some us
I don't understand the term "best switching device". Do you need to have finer controll on the angle that the steppers rating?
dear zerrum the best way to be more convinced is to refer to Dr. Razavi's CMOS Electronics Book. there you can find the more dicriptive text of this phenomenon. best regards
Hi Dude, Anyone knows the region defination of bjt in cadence, just like "0 cutoff 1 linear 2 saturation 3 subthreshold 4 breakdown" for mos ? I could not find it anywhere. THx in advance! best regards
Because it use volatge negative feedback, so the output impedance is lower. best regards why does common collector configuration of bjt has lesser output impedance...?
1:8 to be honest, is a common centriod but not really matched ratio as the 4 of 8 bjts at four corners are facing different disturbance of the other 4 from the central single bjt. However, it is already the best approach.
i will agree with tronix matlab help is the best resource for learning matlab its my personal experience try it --pradeep--
there r four methods of biasing a bjt/MOS wich is the best and why? Voltage divider bias is the best in terms of stability as it is independent of device parameter changes and also not affected by variation in temperature.
This parameter strictly depends on technology. The best way to use the specification of process from the foundry or its support service.
what is optimally ? best performance - class A Lowest q.current - class B(or C) Usually you choose the smallest current that gives you crossower distortion, pertinent to your design. That depends on your circuit topology ang output transistor's choise.
Have you run a simulation on ft vs emitter current, to see if you are operating at optimum ft? If you have done so, perhaps this is the best the process can give at the required gain setting.
Hi Use Max3232 insted it's working with 3.3V insted of 5V All the best Bobi
hi all what are the best bjt for colpits osc. about 100 Mhz ??? does its Ft must be at least 10*100Mhz so about 1Ghz thx all bye
the ART of Electronic is the best book for any electronic designer who's amtur or spesialist.
Dear all Hspice user, One PNP is named Q11, after DC. analysing, Can i(Q11) get the actual current passing through this PNP? (Hspice) Thanks & best regards,
I try migrating to bjt by reading the textbook by Gray & Meyer. Simulations should be the best way to get an insight into the methodologies. But I need advice on the starting point, say, on how to run simulations in Cadence. I don't know what Vcc I should choose for the supply, how to size the transistors, etc... I have experience with CMOS,
It is definitely the FET -- the gate input is capacitive so it draws very little DC current. So the standby power dissipation is very small. best regards, v_c
I dont think there is exactly a best book....there is the manual of the Bsim3v3 were it is quiet good. try to find information on academic researches like in BWRC at berkeley.
hi all ! i 've have project on modelling and construction . plz tell me which CAD is best for doing this wokr . My techer recommended Pspise for constructing and PCAD for routing PCB .
you'd better use a TLC555 chip, that's good for relaxation osc. best regards give the circuit diagram of relaxation ocsillator using bjt