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+1 for Kicad. All the tools, including schematic capture and auto-routing are free. The later versions have useful features like "push and shove" routing and track length matching, very useful for high speed circuits. best of all, it's cross platform, I use it in Linux but the files are compatible with Kicad on Windows, Mac and other OS too. Inci
As I have tried, It is best to take print on a magzine paper, then transfer it to board.
cadsence orcad is the best for schematic and pcb in my experience.
see that also:
when u are working with high currents, dont go with breadboard, pcb is the only solution ,and as u already said that simulation is working fine,,,so go throuch the pcb design,, use expresspcb, or eagle ,,,,both are good software and free too,, best Wishes --BawA--
If you are talking about the integrated circuit layout, then the best thing is to read this book " The Art of Analog Layout" by Alan Hasting However, the layout is more practical thing than following a text theory, therefore you need at the beginning to be in touch with an expert Pearson directly, layout have many tricks and practical problem tha
Orcad is a good tool for schematic design & simulation. In fact it is the best, but when it comes to pcb this software really becomes a frightening nightmare. :shock: If your schematic is working & you have tested it by all means then go for Eagle Cadsoft software. It's free version is working upto 2 (...)
Hi, We have just published an project on Zigbee/Xbee Evaluation board in May-June 2011 Issue.You can get a free pcb with a copy of the Magazine. Embedded For You Embedded For You magazine is the best source for Embedded Projects .The magazine comes with hardware & software description.If any of y
For beginners, ORCAD is the best & easy tool to learn...
Hi, I used to work with freepcb ( ), expresspcb ( ), pcb123 ( ), but for me the best is eagle.
The cadence's allegro and the Mentor's Expedition Enterprise provides this high level of integration, enabling all team members to work collaboratively and more efficiently. they are the best!
as you have planar structure you should use the MoM based software. Sonnet and Momentum / ADS are proved to be best environments. Anyway I recently saw some 13.56MHz RFID projects running under CST as well. rinox
What the best pcb free soft like Protel. Tkx.
You would like Protel it's the best program for pcb design. i love it and tried plenty and found Protel the best by far it's got a bit of steep learning curve but really easy to use once youo grasped it try it you might like it wizpic
thanks , but did you test this programmer best regards
Why do you want make this ??? POWERpcb is hardly a good "ShareWare" whereas MENTOR is a true software of CAO... best regards..