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The PicKit2 is a very old programmer and I do not believe that Microchip are updating it for new devices any more. You might find someone who has hacked up the files so that you can use it on your device. However you need to be aware of the potential for future frustrations and lack of support. The best answer is to get a PicKit3 which is being upd
You need to find a good textbook about digital logic. You code as a software programmer. You need to learn how digital logic works.. The best way would be to draw the circuit before you try and write any more vhdl code
best to find a Test Engineer friend in Production who can do for you a case of brew.
Hello i will be buying a microship pic programmer what is the best hardware concerning speed, reliability , flexibility for programming pic microcontroller such that its operating program be compatible with windows 8? - - - Updated - - - could ICD3 program series of PIC18fxxxx and its mplab is downloda
Dear all: Please help me about programming(reading and writing eeprom inside of tmpn3150)if anyone know send me schematic and software for this issue. best regards.
the best way to learn to program is to write code as well as reading BigDog's recommended books get a development board such as Microchip's microstick it comes with an onbaord programmer and a header to connect to a breadboard where you can build your own circuit
1: I use an willem5e for programming 8748 with mcs48 adapter. This is the one of the best solutions. 2: Yes! 8748 not support any code protection. Easy to cloning.
My first post mysteriously disappeared, so I will try again... I'm trying to setup to program STC89C54 MPUs, and have a few rookie questions. I'm trying to select the best cross-compiler, free or paid, that would support the STC family -- not an easy task. And I'm trying to locate the STC-ISP Ver 5.newest-English programming application.
This is what you want. You can make it by your own. You need Flash Magic (it's an open source software for student purpose). So download it from here Do post here if you've any other queries. All the best :) (Updated) this circuit will work with at89c51 as well with p89v51rd2
The best thing is to build on yourself, or specify the your location, there are so many of them. i have one from
So, i start developing a atmega64 board, and i want to know the best way to program it? I was think to use one of those:
I think you need better programmer then your plan... dont spend time, buy PICKIT3, also I attach for you detailed explanation about pic programmer from, read this, best regards
Hello there, try these ... best regards,
Hi Manoy, I build hex file for you, probably on this project was used RC osc, I make hex file for project but with 10MHz osc (HS), so you must use external OSC with 10 MHz, best regards
I'm not sure but check this programmer : best regards, Peter
AVR In-Circuit Serial programmer ATTiny2313 programming pins are: 92283 best regards, Peter :wink:
Hi for all, yes, I agree with Petar, pickit clone models work ok, but you must to build this... clone mode cost app 25 USD and original microchip pickit3 cost app 45 USD, dont waste the time, buy it... best regards
LCD controllers have different codes for 'command' and for 'data'. It looks like you are only sending commands ( Send_A_Command() ). Where are you sending any data ?!? Please check & report.. all the best !
This is by far the best and easiest & most reliable programmer for the the schematic carefully and you will have a good programmer. If your PC does not have a serial port, you can use a good USBtoRS232 cable (not a c
Hi..! is it partially working or completely dead?? which programmer cable you are using?? I mean is it connected through USB to SERIAL converter cable?? or is it directly USB kind of cable?? best of "WORK"..!!