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There are a number of excellent books on the subject to get started with a general design. The demands that a reflector on a processor are significant so unless you have a relatively large computer and the appropriate variations on the software (FE-BI in particular) HFSS may not be the best tool. Look into TICRA as an alternate.
120867 3.7m antenna for sale Where to buy 3.7m antenna with low price and high quality. We are your best choice, all the information about 3.7m antenna are available as below. 3.7m antenna Description 3.7m antenna of our company consists of antenna reflector, support mount and the feed. It's feed forward parabolic
Have you any experience with feko simulation Method for cassegrain antenna? I have some problem about analyze.would you do me favor help me in the situation? I hope to hear from you as soon as possible for any guide. best hopes.
Hello everyone, I'm looking at how to make a dual pol feeder with decent separation for 5-6ghz band, the classic tube with dipoles would be ok, but I dont know how to do sizing/reflector for the outer dipole. I'm also open to different designs, like cassegrain or exposed dipoles with reflector. best regards, Giacomo.
1) best software for simulating it? 2) I simulate my designed structure with CST MWS (integral eq. solver) but the gain is very bad. For a dish of 120 cm the gain is less than 15-16 dB and I think this is very low. What mistake did make? feed is a 6-turn helix antenna.(freq. band 1.1-1.7 GHz)
It depends. Reflection as better as better conductivity. The best are superconductors (they works with low temperature and it is somewhere from fundamental physics and some space applications BPFs and Duplexers ) then silver, cooper, aluminum and so on. But practically all metals works well and not only. For instance I watched birds eagles on th
which better to make a radar reflector.. aluminum or copper. as i know, the reflection of wave would be better if the material is made of reflective material as electrically conductive. copper are better conductive from aluminum but copper also best material that absorb the heat. that the reflection of wave are affect by the lost of heat? sorry
You probably need a lecture on reflector antenna to cover all the questions. To my best of knowledge: 1)Mesh generally have higher sidelobes then smooth. But mesh are lighter and less wind loading. 2) Dimension (focal distance, aperature area) determines the overall gain, feed horn requirement and ... ... 3) Large dish == high gain (if des
I think 48.7 ohms is fine, and you can let like this. Anyway, your long coaxial cable (if is not the best quality) will introduce more impedance offset that you get now. A grid reflector will improve the Front/Back ratio of the antenna compared with a simple reflector. But the elements length and spacing of the antenna shall be (...)
Hello! How to design the (grid)reflector for a parabolic dish antenna? What gapwidth is recommended? 0.1xlambda? Distance from one gap to the next? Anybody has design rules or usefull links?books? thanks & best regards
FEKO is best for reflector antennas.
As e-books are abandoned here, please check the following request of mine at "EDA E-Book, Articles & Specification Requests" Forum: other detailed documents other than the requested book on shaped reflector design is also welcomed! best wishes, Eastern
Hello All experts, I am trying to simulate reflector antennas such as corners,parabolic etc. I started with Corner and SuperNEC but it seems that results are not very accurate and NEC always show efficiency 100%. I started then with IE3D , but it seems that it is gud for planer structures. 3D models d
As I understand you use a corner reflector surface, which has a property to reflect the lihgt exactly to the source direction with minimal scattering. I thing this is not the best surface for a simple anlog measurement you want. A simple white paper with diffuse reflecting will be much better. Another question. What is the value of the phototra
the best reflector software is here you can download the Student Edition of GRASP8W. the Latest Version is GRASP9W also another software for Synthesis of reflector from Known beam coverage. PL
Hi You can use pressure sensor as a simple weight detector Go to there are many app note describing the use of pressure sensor All the best Bobi
The above post by "maxjames" is so wrong. The fact is that we have seen many new features implemented in HFSS, CST MWStudio and other 3D solvers over the past few years. There are many new commercial products since cheng or yugy offered their opinions. It is becoming more and more difficult to choose a single "best" 3D field solver. It would be foo