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Hi I want to know best synthesis tool for asic design. From web i have listed some like 1. Design Compiler by Synopsys 2. Encounter RTL Compiler by Cadence Design Systems 3. HDL Designer by Mentor Graphics 4. TalusDesign by Magma Design Automation I know it might be difficult to say best because it might depends on what to (...)
Any signal has 3 components; Signal power Noise power Distortion power One needs to filter out or measure the spectrum of the fundamental. Looking at your waveform, there is a lot high frequency repeating glitches (i.e. synchronous noise thus harmonic and some which appear random . A spectrum analyzer is the best (...)
Do you agree best would be to take a look at the cpf documentation?
Hello, I have a strange problem on mind....While doing logic synthesis, how does the input switching activity profile impact the output of a synthesis tool. Put in another way, can I develop a synthesis tool that would give me the most optimized netlist for a given input pattern such that the power consumption is the (...)
Dear Murali, These pins are used during power analysis and irdrop analysis. By declaring related power pins and related nets, one lets tool know power rail that will supply current to the standard cell in question, and ground rail on the return path. I hope it helps, best regards, Gokhan ---
Apache RedHawk is best for IR Drop analysis.
Hi Hussain Tanner EDA What do you mean by that ? best Wishes Goldsmith
I've been using Matlab/Simulink Sim-Electronics and Sim-power Systems. Also have some experience with Pspice. But anyone recommended other software for testing power electronic circuits?
Hi all Is there any tool for power transistor modeling? Please Give me a reply. best regards
Hi all, I'd like to ask you about the possibility of editing in the leakage current value of the cost function used in the power optimization algorithms in synthesis tools?Is it possible to do? and what is the recommended tool for that?:-D Thanks a lot best, Hamzah.
i am murali i am new to this area, so please help me to do my project. i want to simulate wireless power transmission to a sensor node. which is the best tool or software to do this simulation. can i use MATLAB for this? Thanks & Regards
I'm not sure what the best power analysis "point" tool is but I can say that switching back and forth between different design tools working on different views is quite common in IC design. There just is no push button flow.
For power , you need a SAIF file consists the switching activity of nets. The best way to generate this file through the simulation. Once you get the SAIF file , you can read this file alongwith netlist in power analysis tool. We usually use the Synopsys PrimeTime PX tool for power analysis.
I think the best tool is yourself but not any tool. Both Astro and encounter are OK when you are skillful for them.
Hello, For best results you can use and 3D EM tool like CST Microwave studio or HFSS. akrcal
the synthesis tool will choose for you the best flop for a path. if the path are less constraint, it could not choose the best one, but there isn't any impact on the design result. and best means what? In power/timing/area domains?
dear all, dose anyone know how to estimate the peak current of all digital design .can i use DC?if anyone know. please tell me or give a link .thanks! best regards
Hello I'm newbie for power management IC design and starting to design DC-DC converter IC. which tool is best for power IC design? Currently I'm using Hspice and LTspice. I want to know best tool for power IC. thanks..
1) It is best to use the tool document. Normally they give very description of subject (using related commands) 2) For basics of floor planning and power routing and routing in general, try this book. It is very information on these topics (Last few chapters) Application-Specific Integrated Circuits (VLSI Systems Series) by Michael John (...)
Ya ! Cadence VXL tool is best for sram cell
Hello All, Do you which tool is the best for the dynamic power estimation? Can you provide me the tool name and the input file needed? Thanks.
Hi, You can use JupiterXT, IC compiler, Astro-Rail, power-rail best Regards, chyau
Dear Sir, JupiterXT have two good function of PNS(power network synthesis) and PNA(power network analysis). you can predict your chip power consumption and tool also automatic generate power trunk for you. best Regards, chyau
hi you can try by simulating the sch in spice or any other tool, i think it is the best way else you can try by doing it manually section by section basically at design itself we calculate the power rating before selection of components bye som
Hi, I didn't understand your query in first place,it is out of context.Anyways for schematic capturing power logic is best tool if your using Pads Layout,since its good for cross probing. Orcad schematic is the best for schematic capturing, if your using any pcb design tools. Regards Ramesh
The best tool to do power estimation using vcd is powertheater from sequence designs. The tool not only takes vcd which can be very large, but takes fsdb files for power estimation
Your best bet would be to use Hperlinx tool. You can run an SI test/simulation on the critical signals that you are warried about by setting up your high frequency switching signal as an aggressor to the sensitive signal(s). Hope this helps. Layout Guy
Now I am using HDL checking tool----LEDA, but I want to know more about nlint and hal. Becuase I think that the best tool is the easiest using tool, who can tell me which is the best HDL checking tool in your mind? And please analyze the difference among the EDA tools. Thank (...)
Want to publish a RF paper and class note, tried Excel, Visio, ADS2003, and found all of those tools are terrible for creating figures, chart, circuits diagram for publication purpose. Who knows best tools for it? Many thanks.
Does anyone working on low power, If yes which is the best way to reduce power is by doing architectural analysis or gate level analysis My idea is: 1. If your problem is peak power : Use some power compiler or in apr stage to distribute your logic, make logic not to toggle at same (...)
pspice have this function, but if you simulate it for switchmode power supply,I think power456 is best tool.
I used following tool: pspice; power456; fairchild and PI design tool--free. I think power 456 is best!
Let's say I need to design a macro that is about 10k-20k transistors in mixed signal design. What is the best solution (in term of the best timing vs accuracy) for power analysis in the following conditions: + Using Primepower: If I have RTL for the digital parts and its standard cell library power (...)
The best PROTEUS
Hi Try to use wavelet transformation. With this tool you can detect any kinf of perturbation. The problem is that you need a large processing power. best Regards Pendragon
Hi, All What is the best power Analysis tool for Full Chip Analysis(IC design)? any comment will be appreciate. Thank you in advance cdic