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Hello there ! I was just wondering why pmos is not used in calculating the beta ratio of SRAM ? Regards Madhurijanney
I have OTA schematic with nmos sizing is 50um/10um(w/l) and pmos sizing is 10um/10um(w/l) .this schematic is implemented in 0.35um technology. i have to implement the same schematic in 90 nm . i want to know how calculate w/l ratio for 90nm technology. If you know the process parameters ( e.g. beta,K ) you can sca
for BSIM3 model, it's not easy to do hand calc. You can do dc sweep of pmos/nmos for a few w/l cases and get lists of their parameters such as vdsat, vth, beta for future reference.
Can anyone please tell me the following parameters for CMOS 0.18um process? for nMOS and pmos: - KP (for beta=KP*W/L in uA/V^2) - Vth I am using TSMC 0.18um. I also looked for them in the documents provided by TSMC without any luck Regards, Faraday. Hi, MOSIS has process (...)