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Hi, Is there a transistor equivalent of bfr90 ?
bfr90 or bfr91 ? so easy? sounds nice I consider this circuit High gain antenna amplifier rf amplifier | Electronics Projects , Electronic Circuits Diagrams and Schematics could they be interchanged? BF200 has a gpe of 45db
Try: bfr90, BFR92 Next, have a look at BFR520 or maybe very popular BFY90 .. to name just a few .. Regards, IanP
A very good place as far as datasheets are concerned is .. Here are relevant data sheets: Try the following BJTs: BFS17, BFQ57, BFQ58, BFQ10/71/72/76/77, MMBR536/571/941/951 ..
Give us schematics of amplifier. I think it's better to use bfr90 if you want to make widebandwidth amplifier. BF199 has ft=550MHz. What do you mean by distorted.