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Guys, Does anyone of you have experience with this product ? T862 IRDA Infrared bga SMD Soldering rework Station Repair station Any suggestions for DIY at home bga soldering ? Thanks
Look up bga rework tools on google.
hi for everything the people of the forum!!! has begun from few to work with rework station infrared I wanted to have some infos and to resolve doubts. :?: I need desolder a processor of mobilephone, but I am not sure of the curves temperatures and times (template) that work with it. I have a Honton HT-R490 rework station infrared, can yo
otherwise I want to do all the soft/Hard by myself , not to buy already made modules. Then you might have a problem. Most of the larger programmable logic chips are in wtf-bga packages. You can't solder that at home, because you need at least bga rework station (or reflow+stencils equipment). Board also has to be professionally
hope the Laptop Service Training in India is the first registered one . Visit Corona Institute of technology's website for the ultimate in laptop chip level training including the bga rework station training [i
hi for bga ic the temp is about 250c on board as i know and i use the hotair gun, before u see resistor become red in gun hotair it will not harmed the ic or board ,for air i put on level 5 but it is different between hotair to other the same for temp i use level 4 in general if u use it to remove a big ic u increase the air level also u must use
installed the driver and but, Still don't work ------> North-South Chipset Fault (This bga! chip is on the mainboard). And rework is wery special. You can repair only rework station. ta2ctp from TURKEY
HI, i'm looking for laptop motherboard (for chip level service ) bga rework station, & programmer and adapter for up to latest bios program option. which model is best ? thank you!
I just bought Reeco set from Poland (!?) for my small repair shop for bga rework. It work very well! Comparing to other professional offer it cost almost nothing. Excellent price, service and warranty. Go for it. Very good product !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
No need to add any thermals for via holes What if those vias are under bga and connect to planes? then how on earth you can rework the bga?! You will end up scrapping the board. M
Your best bet is to contact whoever is assembling your boards. My CM wants a minimum of 0.125" space around the bga so they have room to use a rework head in case they need to replace the bga. If we do not give them that amount of space, then they have to remove other components before they can rework the (...)
In most casses is possible to solder diferent types of QFP parts with some hot air rework station. It depend from your budget, wich one to prefer. In contrast soldering a bga chips is serious challenge. The main line bga soldering equipment is quite expensive. Probably there is some relativly more cheaper solition to this problem. May be yo
Dear all, Please recommend bga rework Station for me . If you know price is very very good. thanks you very much .
Hi, all. A group of friend of mine and myself are thinking of starting a PCB Assembly business in our country. We aim to provide bga mounting / repair services, together with manual mounting services of other IC types (TSSOP, SOIC etc) and passive components down to 0402 size. I need some advice on the following bga rework machines:
Can you get access to the ball? If you have a badly reflowed bga joint, then you can suspect there will be more high impedance or partially collapsed ones. As a really, not recommended, last possible measure, you could add additional flux to the device, heat it up to rework temperature while applying minimal force to the surface of the device
Most of my experience has been on 388 pin devices or more and I have seen various levels of success and failure with different rework stations, and especially that they are not able to inspect the quality of the joint itself. Some systems use laser inspection by means of oblique direction laser path & detection between pins to check for shorts with
I need a soldering station for surface mount like QFP etc.. I want to know if somebody as use the AOYUE 852 SMD rework STATION it supose to be possible to solder and desolder SOIC, CHIP, QFP, PLCC, bga etc. Does it make a professionnal soldering and is it easy of use. If you have any other sugestion please send me a message. Thanks for your help i
Anyone know where I can look for this equipment, preferably in Europe? With split optics for looking simultaneously to the bga balls and PCB pad. May include hot-air/IR reflow. Aligning by hand is tricky :) Thanks. Amon