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While going through ASIC Chip Synthesis by himanshu bhatnagar, (page=67) this question popped up on operating condition It is written as -- A library is characterized using one set of operating conditions. During synthesis or timing analysis, if another set of operating conditions is specified, then DC uses the K-factors to derate the delay valu
Advanced ASIC Chip Synthesis - himanshu bhatnagar
hi everybody, we have design compiler but we do not have primetime.i have gone through himanshu bhatnagar book and it has scripts for DC as well primetime. can i apply the same scripts in DC for STA. for time being is it possible to run STA for our design using DC. thanks
I think you are thinking on the right lines. I would recommend you to read himanshu bhatnagar book for more details. The book is Advanced ASIC Chip Synthesis?, Second Edition, Kluwer Academic Publishers
see Advanced ASIC Chip Synthesis Using Synopsys? Design Compiler? Physical Compiler? and PrimeTime by himanshu bhatnagar for details. Look for design compiler scripts and commands.Also look for SOLD (synopsys online documentation) Added after 42 seconds: look for all the references on the google
i am successfully execute lef2plib command but i am not able to execute command in lc_shell or psyn_shell????????? read_lib my_library.plib write_llib my_library -format db -output my_library.pdb Q2 from where i got "Advance ASIC Chip Synthesis by himanshu bhatnagar" book i am not able to get this book.?????????
Check out "Advanced Asic Chip Synthesis" by himanshu bhatnagar.....its available in this forum...u can download it if u have sufficient points...(i think abt 14 pts r needed)
Initially start with "Application Specific Integrated Cirrcuit" by Smith and later move to "Advanced ASIC Chip Synthesis" by himanshu bhatnagar . regards navien
i think the best book for u is "Advanced asic chip synthesis using synopsys DC, PC & PT" by himanshu bhatnagar If u read this, then u can definitely do what u r asking
u can as well refer "advanced asic chip synthesys " by himanshu bhatnagar. This is an excellent book for asic synthesys and sta.
Go to , lot about DC is there , any way u can refer "Advanced ASIC chip Synthesis " by himanshu bhatnagar, lot is present . book is present in EDA foroum ,
Read a book be himanshu bhatnagar. Advanced ASIC Chip Synthesis , it contains few chapters devoted to PT and surely accelerate your learning process.
Preassuming that the complexity of your design is fairly average, optimization won't be an easy task. If you are using Synopsis Tools for sythesis and optimization, the book "Advanced Asic Chip Synthesis" himanshu bhatnagar Can be helpfull. You can download the e-book in this forum, you need to search. Optimization of a design is veri skillfull jo
FOr Learning synthesis , the best book is ASIC deesign with synopsys by himanshu bhatnagar. It covers various aspects of chip synthesis except the algorthms used by tool. For learning digital IC design u need to know basic digital logic design , some micropprocessors.. veirlog, a bit of CMOS and some device physics.
start with Design analyzer.. Its a GUI for DC.. Use the himanshu bhatnagar book on synthesis. Search google to find some free tutorials .... ANd finally GET THE SOLD Manuals which is the best to learn DC All the best
hi, ASIC Synthesis book by himanshu bhatnagar will be good for a start .. rgds whizkid

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