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Gopal, use nay genric 0.18 model. they will work with SCL. Symica : No layout possible with DRC /LVS free layout tools not available. Simulation : free 300 nodes max, bias info (i, V) incomplete . level 49 models will work. simulation OK. Graph : Average , calculator function limited. SCl model will work. Symica clone of IC5141. Electric : p
Do the calculations of a single MOS transistor for you. As an initial version, the functions implemented includes: 1, given id and the bias, calculate the width 2, given vdsat, calculate Vg (gate voltage) 3, given id and vdsat, calculate width and Vg. Prerequisite: Linux, Cadence Three steps to use FineMO
With C@dence' ADE calculator (use the derivative function) identify gds at your selected bias point, then calculate the Early voltage VA from the equation given in the figure below: 59622
hi all, I am not able to understand as how to calculate the value of the RFC in a biasing circuit.I know the operation and also the purpose of the RFC.. I read it in some other posts here where they said we have to take 10 times the input impedance. Can anyone throw light on that?
Appcad has the capability you need. Go Active Circuits, scroll down twice, or more, and you will find the bias calculator you need. g579
The file has two op amp topologies, inverting and noninverting. You select the value of the two resistors controlling the gain and the program calculates the gain and also the value of resistor to put on the other input to reduce the offset caused by input bias currents. If you want to go the other way and specify the gain and let the resistors
An excel 5 spreadsheet (in zipped form) which allows you to see the amount of stress on output valves for a given amount of standing bias current .