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You need to drive the transistor to saturation, in order to minimize its On-resistance, and thus minimize the voltage drop. If you find your microcontroller cannot provide sufficient bias current to turn it on fully, then it will need more bias (more current gain). A darlington arrangement can help to boost
Hi everybody, i am going to design folded cascode with gain boosting opamp, so ihave to design op amp with pmos differential pair to boost the gain of NOMS, and design opamp with Nmos deferential pair to boost the gain of POMS. the question is i can use the same bias (...)
Some comments on positive feedback: There is simply no need to be afraid of positive feedback. Actually it's is very common in ckt design: Widlar uses it in one of his earliest OPAMPs to boost gain; latch(static memory) ckts are all positive feedback; most bandgap bias ckts are of positive feedbacks (the ones above). Now comes (...)
I browsed almost all the papers of the IEEE of the gain boosted OTA, all mostly said about the same thing, just add a Op Amp to increase Rout, like the picture attached.... The problem is how to decide the bias and the Width/Length of the the added Op Amp. I used the Op Amp as same as the original one(the one needed gain (...)
For a cascode, the gain is approximately = gm*ro^2 = gm * (1/(Lemda*Id))^ So if you keep the bias Id unchanged while increase the width you can boost your gain. However, large transistor increase the node capacitance hence limit the bandwidth. Run the simulation to dertermin the trade off. Be aware not to simply (...)