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Can someone comment on how is biasing done for varactor on this image? For prototyping (one or two pcbs) I have inserted small chip capacitors vertically thru drilled holes in a .06" thick substrate and soldered top and ground for low inductance AC ground!
For biasing you can use a λ/4 stub replacing L2/C5. And compensate for transistor output impedance by tuning the line length.
are you designing a microstrip oscillator, or an IC chip? The bigest problem in such things are the parasitic reactances related to the structure. you need some sort of active device (FET or PIN diode) to switch in/out each capacitor, and those devices also require a biasing scheme. All of these things lead to a total reactance vs. frequency tha
i have the familiar question to know about this..i have problem dealing with DC bias tht connected to varactor diode.. hope can get the proper connection between the varactor and DC biasing cct(connect to ground and etc.)
You can try to design a (lambda/4) microstrip line ended by a radial stub which acts as a shunted capacitor when properly designed. From my experience, this is a narrow bandwidth biasing circuit, depends on your design goals.
Simply short circuited and current supplied diode can be connected to a microstrip line and then small signal impedance under certain biasing condition ( even zero bias) can be measured. I mean.. Connector->-MS Line->-Blocking Capacitor->-DUT->-Ground. You should supply a bias current after blocking capacitor capacitor.
Can i get methods on biasing diodes in a micorstrip environment?
What is the frequency os oscillation?? AS per i know no input is given to oscillator. Only DC power supply is used to bias the transistor. for biasing refer the datasheet of transistor & S parameter file for your transistor.
Hi I am designing a DC biasing circuit for my microstrip board. I was told that a feedthrough capacitor should be included as part of this bias circuit. Does anyone have information on this? I am using ADS to simulate my circuit. Is feedthrough capacitor available in the software? Thank you very much for any help rendered. Kevin