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thanks dear i understand that must use other technology such as 130 nano or 90 nano and... but i have a big problem i don't know which bicmos technology file have similar VDD for use 130 name or 0.13 um is there any library for lower voltage for bicmos or BJT library? (voltage lower than 1.8)
Does anybody knows about any commercially avaliable CFA (current feedback amplifier ) IC in CMOS technology ? The one's I know about are all in BJT or bicmos technologies like AD8001 , AD811 , LT1210 etc. Thanks Vipul
Hi all I am designing a double balanced mixer is bicmos technology. I want to find the linearity (iip3) of the mixer i cadence. Can anyone help me. I got a pdf about qpss and qpac ... but it is very confusing and i am not understanding. Thanks in advance
Whichever you install... Generally MMIC processes are installed such as Triquint,WIN,GCS, etc.Layout tool is not very compatible and practical for CMOS and bicmos processes. But in simulation, they can also be used.All you have to do is to install the process which you would..(PDK)
Hi, I was looking at circuits that receive LVDS signals and convert them to single ended signals on intergrated circuit (CMOS or bicmos technology). I have come across the following journal which appears to be popular: Boni, Pierazzi and Vecchi (2001), "LVDS I/O Interface for Gb/s-per-Pin Operation in 0.35- m CMOS". It is based on Schmitt
Hi, Does anybody has any architectural schematic diagram or Paper on it. DDC manual doesnt provide much information about design details. Please, post it. If you have it. "A Single-Supply, Monolithic, MIL-STD-1553 Transceiver Implemented in bicmos Wafer Fabrication technology " If you have this paper then please pass it. Thank You
Hi to everybody. Could you suggest me the architecture of a voltage regulator for ICs in bicmos (it means I can use MOS transistors and npn BJTs - not pnp) technology? I guess it should be composed by a voltage/current reference and a LDO. Furthermore, I'd need to simulate the circuit in ADS. Thanks a lot.
VERY OBSOLETE! The major goal in flash ADCs nowadays is low power, high resolution. A 6-bit flash at 1GS/s, in bicmos technology, was already available in 1994... It used about 8W at 5V. Today, you can find CMOS flash ADCs that use less than 1W for the same specs.
lots of bicmos mpws, haven't seen pure bipolar...
i need this ieee paper can eveyone help me? A fully integrated 3 V 2.3 GHz synchronous oscillator for WLANapplications Badets, F.; Deval, Y.; Begueret, J.-B.; Spataro, A.; Fouillat, P. Bipolar/bicmos Circuits and technology Meeting, 1999. Proceedings of the 1999 Volume , Issue , 1999 Page(s):145 - 148 Digital Object Identifier 10.1109/BIP
Hi everybody, I am to design VCO of 20 GHz by using bicmos technology SiGE 0.25 micro metre with the help of ADS software.I know a little about the theory of VCO.Please guide me how I should start to design VCO.I just started using ADS,but do not know where to start.If possible,mention me the relavent material for my help.
It explains the device structures and technology for CMOS/BJT/bicmos using device layouts and cross sectional views. on transistor-level, not go to circuits. very pictorial, thanks.
Can you clear up some thing. Are you talking about Process/technology: MOS, CMOS, bicmos, SiGe.... Or BJT's vs. FET's ? Are you assuming highest frequency to be amplified is your merit of Speed, (Frequency response of the device "S21") or How fast the device can transition from a Low to High state is your merit of speed? (Max data thr
Dear All, I would like to bouild a strong theoretical knowledge about bicmos technology. Do you have any useful references ? or webresources ?? Thank a lot. Tahar.
Hi, i am new in ic design, quessions maybe simple, do not laugh me. haha can anyone tell me what is AMS 0.6 nwell cmos technology? i mean why "nwell"? and what is "AMS"? And also sometimes i saw "bicmos", What is it? what is the difference between"cmos technology and "bicmos"? Hope someone can help. thanks a lot
Here are a couple of interesting articles that relate to this subject: 1. Rob Groves, Jing Wang, Lawrence Wagner and Ava Wan, "Quantitative Analysis of Errors in On-Wafer S-Parameter De-embedding Techniques for High Frequency Device Modeling," IEEE Bipolar/bicmos Circuits and technology 2006, October 2006. 2. J. C. Rautio, and R. Groves
How much is the load capacitance? How much should be the power consumption? What is the process technology? CMOC, bicmos... What is the feature size? Above questions are very important to answer then ask about the amp specs. Also specs 1, 2, 4 and 5 is easily achievable, but 3 is extraordinarily difficult. You have to use either autozeroing
What technology are you using? CMOS (size), bicmos?
1. High performance MIM capacitor for RF bicmos/CMOS LSIs Yoshitomi, T.; Ebuchi, Y.; Kimijama, H.; Ohguro, T.; Morifuji, E.; Momose, H.S.; Kasai, K.; Ishimaru, K.; Matsuoka, F.; Katsumata, Y.; Kinugawa, M.; Iwai, H.; Bipolar/bicmos Circuits and technology Meeting, 1999. Proceedings of the 1999 26-28 Sept. 1999 Page(s):133 - 136
In production lines, 0.25u bicmos, 0.18/0.13 CMOS are widely used for their balance of performance/cost/maturity status. In R&D yuo'll find only CMOS in 90 nm and below. I hope it can help. Mazz