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I don't find a lot of use in describing a clock net as global / local. Most non-trivial designs will tend to have more then one clock domain. And they should all be considered GLOBAL. bifurcation of clocks inside an FPGA should only be done via a dedicated component that has access to dedicated clock routes (PLL / DCM / MMCA / etc...) All other "t
hii. please help me to fond that how to find unify termination and bifurcation in fingerprint image using matlab... if anyone have an idea so please help me...
hi friends,I am doing grad pro on fingerprint recog using feature extraction(ridge ending & bifurcation) But i got stuck in feature extraction so someone pls help me out.............
Dear all, I wanna learn how to do Matlab coding for hopf bifurcation.Anyone who knows plz help me. Regards, Rahul
Hi every 1............. Plzz can som1 help me in fingerprint features( ridge ending and bifurcation) extraction algorithm using matlab.......I have a matlab algorithm for fingerprint feature extraction but i don't know how it workss.....I am attaching this algorithm here and if som1 knows how it works , help me regarding this as i have to submit m