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Enjoy any font create c++ making a big dot matrix
hi i need schematic and apcb and firmware big Moving Message Display any freinds have give me thancks
hi all i want to make big led matrix display but i dont know how to start i know how to use pic . pls can u help me ? what is the standard siz of led matrix? what alternative methodes do i have for making the display and what is the avantage and disadvantages of those methodes tnx
Hi all, I have big problem with my circuit (in attached file). Problem is that when bipolar part is turn on, on the second mosfet (gate is connect to gnd) flow little current (for very short amount of time). What can be wrong and how can I solve my problem??
wht kind of example code are u expecting?? a simple 1 or a big project code??
thanks senthilkumar i downloaded the (Simulate And Source Code) from the above link i was hopping that the the sentence in proteus will look like it is shifting so moving as for the VB Souce Code of the project it is the same big dot Matrix LED Display Signboard 24x116 .can you do something with the codevision to apply the move. thanks in adva
:idea:hi every one i have dot mattrix project with big mattrix of leds i use PIC16F777 but i have problem with memory the memory of PIC16F777 is not enuhg so i want to connect the PIC16F777 with USB flash to add memory becuse the mattrix desplay show movement image palse help me to find way and circuit to connect USB
It can be anything from a LCD to a big LED display. You need an alphanumeric (dot matrix) LCD display and any type of microcontroller, properly programmed. It's not hard to do, even in assembly. You may eliminate the uC and use the PC parallel port.
Hi, You don't need more than 1 MCU to do a big running light system. If you use 2 of the ports on the -51 and 8 resistors you can make a matrix of 256 LEDs. The source(high) outputs from the -51 may need drivers to supply enough current, depending on the current in the LEDs. TOK ;)