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hello everybody guys please help me about setting PABX TDA200 panasonic I turn on ARS but did not runningl, because each user's extension using a PIN (Feature Code -> Veryfication Code) and billing SMDR enabled. my question is, how can transform and adjust the setting between ARS and Veryfication Code? in order to run properly fit my expectatio
I need to design a system to measure the water consumption of separate apartments in a building. I have to install a flow sensor in different pipes with say 1.5" dia. I will get the data from sensor, transmit through RS485, CAN or MiWi and consolidate in a central unit for billing. The networking and reporting part I have an idea how to do. Bu
1. Paperless is better 2. Access anywhere 3. Up-to-date patient records 4. Appointment book 5. Understand your financials 6. Ease of billing 7. Comprehensive reporting 8. One-stop-shop for stock management software 9. Effectively market 10. Great support
Sir I want a program for pic 16f877a for the automatic prepaid electricity billing system using rfid reader. Please it's urgent. We would appreciate any help........
It has been generally noticed by many home consumers in my neighbourhood that addition of a Power Factor Correction capacitor actually INCREASES the billing. Now ideally the addition of such a capacitor should have no effect on the actual consumption or billing of the consumer. All it should do is to improve the PF as seen by the electric discom
please provide the verilog code for" Implementation of Complex interface bridge for LOW and HIGH bandwidth Peripherals Using AXI4-Lite for AMBA". please send code for the timing signals for this base paper You seem to have forgotten to include your approximate budget and your billing information.
Hi! I intend to design a simple intelligent restaurant of thee people having credits when they get service their account amount decreases. Please can someone help
ok, just wondering. using power factor in your home IS legitimate ** IF ** - your power factor is initially 0.8 to 0.85 ON THE AVERAGE (not just the single day you took a measurement) - your caps can bring PF to 0.99% - your utility billing will reward you for improved power factor - you do the cost benefit analysis to determine pay back period (
Hi , I am doing a project on Automatic Energy Meter billing and I am using GSM sim300 without actual TTL outputs... I am trying to interface it with atmega16 and i hav used a max232 IC for TTL conversion. I am using Eclipse software to compile.. can you please give me the correct UART code for this...
hi, i am working on my final year project which is "smart energy meter with automatic billing". it will calculate active power in the presence of harmonics i.e non linear loads(e.g rectifiers) , it should also calculate displacement power factor, frequency and voltage and should send the bill to the user via SIM900D GSM module,, can anyone help me
Something like receiving call log in EEPROM, date time and phone number ? exactly...i'll make project billing phone every outgoing call will be record time,duration & destination number in the eeprom., are ready to help me ..
Having worked with Keith billing's when I was at Burroughs and he was VP Eng at Hammond and I have his book, I have to agree, his book is the best I have seen. Although it is dated, it gets into the details about each topology that is still relevant and more important tells you what you need to know about magnetic design and choices. It is not a
Hi, Can anyone please tell me the way (like script or any reference) of decoding telecom CDR files in ASN.1 format. Also if possible, please provide me some resource about telecom billing solution development. Thanks a lot.
microcontroller based billing collector and calculator... i need the source code and circuit 4 it asap! :???: design and implement a micro-controller based bill calculator installed on a cart. The system is meant to facilitate customers in shopping malls such that by the time a customer reaches the payment counter, his bill is already cal
I Want To Send Data From Digital Energy Meter to GPRS Modem Sender Side and Then GPRS Modem will Send that Data to Internet Cloud..From internet Cloud i will Receive Data through GPRS Modem Receiver Side. Problem is That How I Will Interface Energy Meter With GPRS Sender Side..Which Micro-controller Will Be Used...And How I Will Program. Kindly H
Please help me about BPSK demodulation code. I have face many problems at working time. If problems are incurred during working the speed of output is very slow. physical therapy billing coding
Dorgem Supports an unlimited number of Simultaneous Cameras. Dorgem is a web-cam capture application for Windows 9x and up. Any Video for Windows compatible web-cam is supported. physical therapy billing coding
hi,I have an project of CNG billing system design.i have to use interrupt and timer using atmega32.i want to check if a pin is high.when the pin is high than interrupt occurs.when interrupt occurs timers start to count upto 5 sec.within this time again interrupt comes and timer is reset and again starts to count. plzzzzz help me.i dont know synt
Hi, Good books include: 1) Power Electronics Demystified by Chandra Shekhar Roy 2) Power Supply Cookbook by Marty Brown 3) Books by Raymond Mack, Ron Lenk, Abraham Pressman and Keith billing Hope this helps. Tahmid.
hi i want to design a digital electricity measuring meter using current and voltage sensors..with features showing current units,billing amount,also last billed amount,units etc, also i want to add a feature like pre-paid scratch input units like in sim card. which micro controller fits the best for me in 8051 series.will E