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Hello !!! 1. Cadence IC 610 must be installing from Install Scape. 2. If you have the Install Scape, start the script ".../InstallScape/iscape/bin/" Other is way not exist!!! If you have ISO , is must been mount in system example: (/mnt - point of mount) mount -o loop name.iso /mnt
TYFany (pronounced Tiffany) allows you to take your files along with their hierarchy on a portable storage media (like USB) to be accessed on the run. Any changes in the hierarchy on the portable media can be docked with the base hierarchy.
while using hspice 2008.03 on SLES 10SP2 64bit ,the simulator tell me : ic:~/test # hspice hspice.sp Using: /usr/bin/time -p /home/Synopsys/2008.3/hspice/suse32/hspice hspice.sp /usr/bin/time: cannot run /home/Synopsys/2008.3/hspice/suse32/hspice: No such file or directory Command exited with non-zero status 127 real 0.00 user 0.00 sys 0.00
Hi folks, Recently, I updated my Fedora core from fc3 to fc8. When I tried to reinstall Virtuoso I got the following error message /bin/*.tar : Cannot achieve I got the same problem when I tried to install Virtuoso IC5033. Can somebody help ? Thanks in advance.
I got this "/bin/tar: Removing leading `/' from member names" problem when installing IC5033 on openSUSE 11, same thing for Ubuntu 8, i guess it is just a siimple question for experienced users. Can anyone tell me how to get rid of this error? Many thanks Specify path of install directory \c [OR type : \c \cadence Director
kjskh, I've met this problem. I've solved it with these fiew steps: 1. Log in under root 2. Rename /bin/tar to /bin/tar2 3. Create script /bin/tar with code as listed below: =============== begin of the file ===================== #!/bin/bash i="" while ; do if (...)
Recently,I try to install IC5033,but when I run SETUP.SH. It displays as: The following tar errors weredetected: /bin/tar : Retrait de " / " de t?te des noms des membres Could not Set up Softload in /Cadence you must have permisions to install directory and all subdirectiries and atleast 10 MB avaible disk
tar: -b1: Cannot open: No such file or directory tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now /Cadence/IC5033/install/bin.lnx86/media_cntrl: line 466: 3863 Broken pipe $readCmnd 2>$ddlog 2+0 records in 1+0 records out dd: I/O error ./softload: line 1412: Could not extract information from FS.0 of CD#1. Could not get (...)
I've met the same problem and solved it described below. 1. Rename original tar (/bin/tar) to tar2 for example (/bin/tar2) 2. make a script with name /bin/tar with the following source: ============== script starts here (...)
My OS:redhat rhel3-u4 1.tar -xvf magma_2005.tar 2.add head line "SERVER.....VENDOR..."to the magma.lic and put it to install_dir/linux24_x86/flexlm. 3.setenv LM_LICENSE_FILE install/linux24_x86/flexlm . . But when " install_dir/linux23_x86/bin/blastfusion", the error "Segmentation Fault"occurs,and it did not check out any license.. (...)
i am having this same problem with fc7, how to get /bin/tar and /bin/sort from rh9 into fc6? i read that syntax for sort is different in fc7 thats why these errors come --- i found the solution to this problem is to add the following to .bashrc export _POSIX2_VERSION='199209' now i dont get sort errors in fc7, installation is going
I had the same problem: Cadence instalator reports an error on "-b1" option for tar. You can solved this problem next way (as I solved it): 1. rename /bin/tar to /bin/tar2 2. create bash script file /bin/tar, that will accept all parameters except -b1 and then will call (...)
I got this problem bin/tar: -b1: Not found in archive . I copied the program tar of a older dist (redhat 8) tu ubuntu. But after that I got another problem with libc so I mounted the chroot sarge( ), after that all works fine. Best Regards
First to check if you have the file /home/wildwood/n-hnl5/nassda5.0/platform/linux_24/bin/hsim if the file is exist. You set the HSIM_HOME to /home/wildwood/n-hnl5/nassda5.0 Note: You need untar the common5.0-01132005.tar file at the same directory as unter the hanex5.0-linux_all-01132005.tar . set PATH to (...)
set path=(//bin $path)
use tar cvf "archive name" .tar to untar the archive. then set these variables: export SOC_HOME=/home/SOC/SOC33.USR2/lnx86 export binDIR=/home/SOC/SOC33.USR2/lnx86/tools.lnx86/bin export FEbinDIR=/home/SOC/SOC33.USR2/lnx86/bin export (...)
Hi, there is no fix path for Astro. The path is where the placed you install the software. If I am not mistaken, there is no installation needed for astro 2003.04. You just need to untar the tar ball. If that is the case, then your path will be the place where you untar it, with "\bin" or "\bin\hp.32" or (...)
How to Install Debussy Licesne in Linux(Mandrake v10.x) I tar debussy.tar.gz then go to bin type "debussy" find error Pls give the detail procedure about how to install License file I read the installation guild but still don't know how to add license file. Many Thanks in Advance. It seems like you are rushed to e
ln -s /usr/bin/gunzip /usr/bin/uncompress