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OS X terminal uses bash shell $load_module cadence Everything is fine and perfect till here but after typing icfb it is showing error (below) line 17: /cad/cadence/custom_ic_design/ic/tools/bin/cds_root: cannot execute binary file Unable to find the Cadence software in your $PATH. Please fix this and try again.
Hi all! I need help. My issue is find best way to placement (switching) 18 bit binary matrix (array). Maybe someone can help me or just give a tips or algorithm. In my opinion I can't use the Q2 random walk algorithm or I just not understand.
Hi @all, i have set up a transparent TCP/IP connection with the SIM900. All data received (binary) is forwarded to a serial port. When the TCP/IP connection is closed (by foreign host or mobile provider or whatever) the SIM900 sends CLOSED and DCD is deasserted. Unfortunately the CLOSED response starts before the DCD line is deasserted and t
What is this error that appears when I try to run IC5033 ? How do I fix it ? $ cd lucru $ icfb& 5480 $ Incorrectly built binary which accesses errno or h_errno directly. Needs to be fixed. _Squ!D_
OK give me also a try: 1. Use a bandgap VBDG=1.2V 2. At chip startup sample the ratio of VDD/2 to VBDG by using a opamp and a ladder network. 3. Use a comparator which compares the scaled VBDG with VDD/2 4. Use binary search to fix the scale factor 5. Finish the initial calibration. So the scale factor multiplies the VBDG to V
Incorrectly built binary which access errno or h_errno directly. Needs to be fixed. :? It is not necessary for you to fix such problem. Just like what z81203 said, IC5033 is still working seamlessly. @syncmaster LD_ASSUME_KERNEL is used to resolve another more serious problem.