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To switch of a FET in presence of +/-30 V AC voltage, you need to apply at least - 30V to the gate, otherwise Vgd will be forward biased during negative halfwave. The transistor needs a gate breakdown voltage > 60V, which isn't available, as far as I know. 2N38xx types have about 50V. It would be more realistic to use a bipolar switch with a fix
For cadence schematic simulation, I used a bipolar transistor(BJT) for low noise amplifier design and simulated in DC analysis. BJT is always working in region 1 or region 3. I am so wondering region 3 is saturation region or breakdown region. I attach the picture for your consideration. Thanks
how to simulate breakdown voltage of MOS and bipolar cell? And why i can't find parameters about breakdown voltage simulation in spice model ? When I simulate the IV curve of MOS , I can't see the phenomonen of breakdown curve!
If you compare 3 (4) terminal devices the product of current gainbandwidth and the breakdown voltage is important. For MOS devices you get about 70-100GHz*V. SiGe bipolar is about 2*3 times higher. GaAs a further factor of 1-1.5. MOS have the additional disadvantage that the above speed is only true if the saturation voltage is very high. Tha
Him Does NMOS bipolar breakdown means the device can repeatable to use and use again forever to protest ESD in IC? Thanks.
VBEO ( Base Emitter Open Collector breakdown Voltage ) is a limit for every bipolar transistor. It can be up to 2V and beyond this limit , B-E junction of the transistor may be broken. It depends on semicondictor technology and doping concentration in junctions. Rgrds