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Dear Everyone, I am currently working with BICM (bit interleaved Coded Modulation) model and having a question related to decoding in BICM. I hope that you may give me several suggestions if you do not mind. I consider a scenario as
Generating 0 to 100% duty cycle PWM interleaved is an interesting problem. Trying to phase lock multiple PWM chips turned out to be a nightmare. So hooked up a two flip flop twisted ring (Johnson) counter to give me four quadrature clock phases. Fed that into four integrators to produce triangle waves in quadrature with equal amplitudes. [ATTACH=
sir what is meant by bit interleaving??
You need to check in recent publications. In my team guys designed in 0.13um 8channels 10bit SAR working with 50MS/s and consuming ~3uW/ch?bit?MS/s. In 32nm (if I good remember) guys from Leuven designed 8bits sar working with 3GS/s and consuming <1mW total power for highest sampling rate. I'm not sure about interleaving influence for power (...)
Can any one please tell me what is bit interleaved Coded Modulation (BICM). I also need some materials on it
Does anyone has a working SAR schematic? I am not very sure how it is contructed and which type of Flip-Flop i need to choose? I have read some books and papers, but they all very roughly point to that. I am really new for this, Thanks for your help.
Hi: It's very simple: I can't understand why in fig 3 of the well known paper "A 10-bit 200-MS/s CMOS Parallel Pipeline A/D Converter" of Waltari and Sunamen, where the authors study the effect of the degree of parallelism on the current consumption for a 10 bit ADC, the linear part of the curve ( when the SR limitation is dominant) is e
Hello all, I want to implement BIP-8 for SONET/SDH( bit interleaved Parity) for FPGA. Anybody is having VHDL code, please inform. with regards, rajendra
Here's a simple (low performance) 16-bit complex FFT. I forget where I found it, and I may have rewritten some of it. You can change NFFT to some other power of two. It assumes 32-bit int and 16-bit short. The output array overwrites the input array. The array's real and imaginary values are interleaved i0, j0, i1, j1, i2, (...)
bit-interleaved Coded Modulation with Iterative Decoding for Wireless Communications Author:Yuheng Huang
Thesis: An 8bit 150MHz CMOS AD Converter This dissertation presents an 8-bit, 5-stage interleaved and pipelined ADC that performs analog processing only by means of open-loop circuits such as differential pairs and source followers, thereby achieving a high conversion rate. The concept of ?sliding interpolation? is proposed to obviate (...)