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hello everyone, i need your help i need plot SRN and bit error rate of 1 rectangle pulse this is code i write to plot pulse rng default Tpulse = 200e-3; Fs = 1e2; t = -1:1/Fs:1; x = rectpuls(t,Tpulse); y = 0.1*randn(size(x)); s = x + y; pulseSNR = snr(x,s-x) figure(1) plot(t,x) figure(2) plot(t,y) figure(3) plot(t,s)
Offset voltage and gain error terms need to support LSB accuracy. Bandwidth / settling time need to be well better than sampling rate, and settling time is to a very low residue error. You would have to design the amplifier for the worst case (max bits, max bit rate) or cases (if your (...)
Hi all, I have this equation of transmission energy between two nodes (SISO transmission). Pout(d) = Eb*Rb (4πd)^k/Gt*Gr*(λ^2)*Ml*Nf where Eb is the mean required energy per bit for ensuring a given error rate requirement Rb is the bit rate d is the transmission distance. k power (...)
Hi I'm experimenting with power line communication by connecting 2 modems (Texas Instuments PLC developer's kits) through 100m of RG58 coaxial cable as a model power line and injecting white gaussian noise with a signal generator. The modems exchange modulated packets of data shown in fig 1. I was hoping to see the response of the bit error r
Hi, I have a FFE in cadence and need to find the bit error rate. Can someone tell me how? Thanks.
i made some modifications to my code of wimax physical layer in order to add MIMO it runs perfectly except that the simulated bit error rate curve is wrong and i cant figure out what is the problem.could you please help me %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% %% Name:
I wonder wich bit error rate(BER) I must use if I (theoreticaly) design radio telecommunication system, when I use modulation and forward error correction(FEC) code. How do I calculate overal (net) BER? Is it sum of BER(modulation) and BER(FEC) or just BER (FEC)? How is BER of system changing if I use fixed FEC code with (...)
An 1 MHz channel is divided into 52 sub channels of 300 kHz wide using OFDM. The system uses 48 subcarriers for data traffic and 4 channels for error correction and control. The basic symbol rate per subcarrier is 125 kS/s. Determine the following: a. The overall bit rate with one 20 MHz channel, all subcarriers using (...)
for the QPSK 4 phase shift key the bit error rate is this: 111407 where can i find proof for this term? i tried to search the book Carlson Communication systems and found nothing
Presumably you would read continuously (or at some rate which makes a > 1 bit error an insignificant probability) and only write back when your EDC shows an error. This in turn would depend on the upset rate. Upset rate depends on the environment (orbit, solar activity, (...)
Communication devices have a digital and analog interface at each end for both transmit and receive. The analog interface is more variable subject of speed with signal quality and bit error rate (BER)/ THe digital interface may be asynchronous and thus may be faster than the analog side. Synchronous channels tend to run at the same speed. (...)
1) depends on location and on composition of packaging materials. 2) When you know your environment's alpha flux, your circuit's sensitive cross section will give you the error rate. 3) Simple charge per bit, which industry strives to minimize. Some topologies have more resliience than others, design choices like device size and bias (...)
Hi! I'm designing a 1553 decoder. 1553 bit rate = as in here : The bit rate is 1.0 megabit per second (1 bit per μs). The combined accuracy and long-term stability of the bit rate is only specified to be within ?0.1%; the short-term clock (...)
Hi, any idea how to interface ADC0804 with 8051? I conenct the ADC0804 D7-D0 (Pin Pin 11 ? Pin 18) to the 8051 P2.7 - P2.0 (Pin 28 ? Pin 21). However, its not giving me the expected result. then I tried on ADC0804 chip itself and it does work with LED indication. but when interface with 8051, it just couldn't work. this is the code I used, can anyo
Hello Friends. I want to explore matlab in digital communication step by step. I need help in developing basic code for bit error rate and Data rate.Please help me find this. For example i used "pskmod" inbuilt function and passed the modulated data through a awgn noise after that i demodulated using "pskdemod" inbuilt (...)
How to measure bit error rate in Matlab using hamming code?
Looking for a matlab code for ber simulation in wcdma over awgn channel, the code computes ber for a given data rate using qpsk modulation and a pulse shaping filter
Hi All, I performed a BER analysis for a frequency selective fading using MATLAB inbuilt function rayleighchan. But I am not sure , whether my result is correct. Please reply. I am attaching the output plot here. Legends: x-axis : SNR in db y-axis: Probability of error.
Hi, Anyone can say me what is bit error rate of 4QAM in Rayleigh flat fading in MIMO system? for BPSK I have a close form in SIMO channel, but I don't find it for QAM in MIMO system... Thanks for your response
Hi Raady, the asynchronous transmission on a UART starts with a start bit(High to Low transition) and ends with a stop bit(always LOW and ends with a Low to High transition. The bit time and sampling frequency is fixed with the baud rate set. In addition there is the option for a parity bit to identify (...)