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Hint: log2(x) A log2 function is normally used to determine the number of bits needed to represent a number, and it is often not suitable for synthesis. The OP asks for synthesizable code. "Priority encoder" circuits are normally synthesizable.
IEEE suggests An integer is a general-pupose variable used for manipulating quantities that are not regarded as hardware registers. You can easily in ur design as well as in testbench integer i; //integer variable min 32 bit size one thing by declaring integer u donot mean actual register on hardware.
Using Libero's SmartGen tool, today I created a 16-bit Brent-Kung adder/subtractor. I pasted the resulting Verilog code into an ALU module and ran a few (10) tests against it. It ran fine. And the result was a LOT smaller than the one synthesized from pure behavioral Verilog. :-) But when I synthesized it with synplify, th
I am using dc with standard LL 130nm library to synthesize a vhdl logic . I removed the library IEEE; use IEEE.STD_LOGIC_1164.ALL; use IEEE.STD_LOGIC_ARITH.ALL; use IEEE.STD_LOGIC_SIGNED.ALL; and instead of std logic used bit and bit_vector in intialization while analyzing in DC analyze -library work -f vhdl (...)
learn a little bit verilog or system-verilog, let syn or sim tool to do the job, you can just "-" to write your code.
In P-band ,how can convert Bi-phase data coding to NRZ-L coding ?In this situation data is receiving from p-band receiver and going to bit-synchroniser,but bit syn. only handle NRZ-L not Bi-phase .
which tools support 64bit linux ?? 1. Cadence .. 2. synopsys -->