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Dear sir myself maulik patel research scholar want to design low noise amplifier design using bjt in l band. So please guide me how to setup the bias network, matching and all other design parameters in ads as well as its mathematical analysis.
You know that saturated mode of bjt involves forward biased BC junction with low current gain? It's not the active mode as for MOSFET. The circuit can work as an operational amplifier only for a very restricted common mode range, hard to decide if this is possible without seeing the connected circuit. I guess, it doesn't work.
Both bjt or CMOS, the Class-A Power amplifiers are always biased for symmetric swing around the that OP is selected in according with Load Line theory.
You're going to have a lot of trouble getting good results by using so many bjt circuits. Each one has different rise and fall times, which makes it very hard to get the timing of the final outputs to align well. I certainly hope this is just a one-off project, because this certainly won't work for a manufactured problem. There's good reason peopl
Hi, this is my DIY, its an audio amplifier with two 23V rails (2x 17.5V AC)(260W transformer) I'm glad to hear any opinions 8-) This is 20khz square. Firstly i planned to use only bc546+556 for the small signal transistors, but im out of them and i used 2n5551+5401+my last bc556 THD 0.05710% @ 1khz and 0.17069% @ 20khz. This is measured
Hello ! I am trying to design a power amplifier, I have a initial design aproach equations but this are for bjt, I am using mosfet and my doubt is for calculate the number of fingers I found these equation M=Idc/(Jemax*Ae device) (this equation is for bjt because is using Area of emitter) my question is what will be the equivalent for (...)
Equation 25, Page 14 of App Note AN-57 gives the small signal transfer function for the error amplifier and modulator of a topswitch-jx based flyback. (this means the error amplifier circuit of fig23 of page 14 of AN-57)?.. AN-57 We wish to modify it by having a bjt to ampl
An OP amp set up as an comparator ought to work - provided the OP amp output can swing to the rails. You might be able to get away with using a bjt configured as a common emitter amplifier.
Hi, I am trying to analyse an emitter degenerated common emitter bjt amplifier. This circuit is the small signal equivalent with T model that i prepared. Actually my aim is deriving an equation for the minimum value of "Re" (Emitter Degeneration Resistor) to achieve a small signal input range
Hello, Does anyone know which is the characteristic that defines an operational amplifier at one of the tree catategories (bjt, FET, CMOC)? Is the type of tranzistors that have on his input or in output or in both (in and out)?
Thanks, i never saw that before. But it do not amplifies voltage. Why? 119500 but that's SunnySkyguy amplifies current not voltage. you will find bjt designs for { Op Amp & Power Amp) contains an output stage with cascaded complementary common emitters followed by more than 1 stage of
Dear all, I've done the design of a feedback amplifier with a bjt using a SOT143 BFP181. My question is regarding to the PCB layout: How do I connect the series feedback resistor if the SOT143 package has 2 emitter pins? I'm a kind of newbie to layout designs. Any tips to the connection of the different elements? Thanks. [ATTACH=CONFIG
Hello I have many problems to understand Noise , Noise figure , Shot noise and etc and I have to know completely about calculate Noise to calculate bjt , Mosfet and Block diagram amplifier. I will appreciate that you suggest a good book about Noise with simple steps Thanks
Use of emitter resistor when using bjt in its various configurations seems to be important. Lets take example of bjt common emitter amplifier. The emitter resistor is used supposedly to make the bias point more stable, this refers to the Q-point. But how? What would happen if this emitter resistor was not used?
The open loop gain of TL431 is quite small (it's the gain of the output Darlington bjt configuration) so there's no need for pure resistive negative feedback to prevent oscillations. There's also an internal compensation (a 20 pF capacitor). How the gain has been set in the above error amplifier(TL431)? If you want a controlled
HEllo, I would like to apply local agc on the final bjt of my oscillator amplifier using local feedback, i.e agc applied only at the final stage. Is that possible and how to?
Hello Engineers, I just want to Design a Cascade bjt amplifier Two Stages, but my problem is, Im only given two values Vin = 50mVp @ 25Khz and Vo= 3Vp, I dont really know where to start.. They say that i need to draw a transfer curve to find the Value of Ic. Please Help me. :cry::cry::cry:
Hi all, I am very curious about a schematic simulation. In ADS 2012, I tried to simulate an S parameter of a single-stage common-emitter amplifier. This amplifier consists of only 1 transistor (bjt). Then, I just added another bjt, which every terminal is connected to ground (let's call this a Dummy bjt). (...)
I0*tanh(ΔVin/Vt) is the transfer characteristic of an ideal differential bjt pair (without emitter degeneration).
hi, Its usual to have an application in mind when starting to design a bjt amplifier. eg: DC or AC amp, output power , frequency range , impedances etc. What application are you considering.? E