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In ADS Component Palette, there is a IV curve Tracer element to obtain for bjt and FET transistors.Use that..
It use USB or RS232 interface communication with PC and show the semiconductor curve in PC screen. It can measure bjt's Ic->Hfe curve 68453 Can measure Vce-Ic curve 68454 measure some semiconductor transmission curve,such as Vbe-Ic / Vgs-Id 68455 also FET?s Vd
bjt&OP log circuits are easy and straightforward. I guess, you have problems related to signal voltage range and correct scaling. What's the actual sensor characteristic?
My problem is that my curve dosen't start from zero i.e, it start from 0.6 volts. I donot understand the reason. It is not a "problem". In contrary, the diagram shows the correct behaviour of a bjt. What happens for Vce=0? The B-C junction is forward biased and there is a current through the collector node, that i
I don't disagree or disagree specifically, but every bjt has a rolloff of hFE at low current and every LED has an output efficiency curve that peaks as well. I expect if you read the fine print, that CTR is spec'd over a range that makes them look good, not necessarily the range where you would like to use it.
latch-up problem is due to intrinsic (parasitic) npnp junction, or two back-to-back bjt, also called SCR. SCR has a positive feedback and snapback I-V curve characteristics that spice model can not predict. the wrong tap connection will forward bias the PN diode junction at certain circumstances which will cause short, i think that's different from
Hi i want to design mixer using bjt. Like active region of IV curve is used for amplifier design. Which part of IV curve is used for mixer design?? Why?? . Help me.
if you use op, the bandgap curve will be rise abruptly, substitue the op for a ideal op(you can realise it by verilog-A),the curve will be convex. so it is not related to modeling of bjt, but modeling of Mos. if you do not use op, I think the modeling of mos induced your problem.
Hi, I have trouble using a bipolar transistor without ESD protection. As shown in the picture. When the open face package is built, the transistor works fine. The collector current: Ic = 5mA, The base current: Ib = 50 uA, The base voltage: Vb = 0.85V As you know by changing the emitter downbond, we can adjust the RF gain. So we ch
If gou let the parameter ATX of bjt to more than 3, the curve will be curved.
what kind of current limet you want to know? I want to know whether the current has a minimum value to insure the bandgap circuit work properly. U can get the curve of bjt beta value vs. collect current by simulation, as below.If the collect current is too small or large, the beta will be changed. For the s
Hi, Pls specify the Ron for MOS or bjt. Ron or the effective output impedance of the MOS can be calculated by plotting the Ids vs Vds curve. The slope of the graph with the inverse will give you the Ron in the saturation. By formula Ron = 1/ λIds. Thanks, Suria
hi, I have attached a SiC bjt Device output characteristics IC vs Vce curve. I have the problem that some of these curves do not start from origin . They have a negative Ic current at Vce=0 V for different step Ib currents which range from 200ma to 2.2A . Could you tell me what is the reason for this ? .
You state that the SiC Vbe turn on voltage is 2.7V, but in a previous message ("bjt modeling") you had output characteristic curves (Ic vs. Vce) where the transistor has collector current below Vce=2V. Are the output characteristic curves the same transistor? If they are the same, how is it possible to get the collector current less than (...)
For fix current: 1. higher current density? 2. larger device size lower current density? 3. higher Vgs less Vds? how to test setup to fairly compare the linearity of a device?
in my opinion, in CMOS, the bases of vertical bjt are always connected to GND, if u add resistors to base nodes, ur PTAT current will not be ΔVeb/R, it will include some other terms which is not related to KT/q. so u will encounter more problems rather than get benefits.
The schematic is what the title describes. What I can't understand is why I have a voltage drop higher that 0.7 in the output and this is changing linear with the raise of the r load. I.E, for RLoad= 10 I have Vout = 6.144V ( Zenner voltage is 7.03V) and for RLoad= 2M I have RLoad= 6.536V. Of course Iout is dropping accordingly. Regulation mean
who can give me bjt & MOS IV curve sweep ( I remember hspice have demo file )  I need it for characteresize some process library file .. and I hope can use "nest sweep" I use Q1 0 nb ne pnp ib nb 0 ib1 ve ne 0 ve1 .dc ve 0 3.3 0.1 sweep ib1 dec -0.1u -10u but I can not probe out IV curve , should I (...)