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bjt are fast if not driven into saturation. In addition MOSFET gate driver must provide low impedance push-pull operation, particularly fast gate discharge. That's impossible with your single transistor high side driver circuit. Just helpless.
The Microchip document DS31028A-page 28-11 gives schematic for a "Example driver Board Schematic" for PIC programmer. My question is related to the function of the second op-amp. It is clear that the first op-amp is being used as a current buffer in unity feedback. The second opamp has these two bjt transistors at the output and is receiving fee
Hi, I am trying to make digital switch circuit for an old motor driver, that can be controlled by Arduino. Motor driver is pretty old and it's like a black box for me at this moment, but based on my tests I have put out the requirement on the picture attached. Basically, arduino should close the circuit . I tried the (...)
Can i use this bjt circuit for simulating a 33V LED lamp? .....its easier than buying a led lamp.........for the time being ...i need to test the led driver, and dont want tthe hassle of making up a leds pcb.
Are you planning on driving the IRF840 with an IR2101? You may instead use a bjt-based totem-pole driver or a dedicated driver chip (such as TC427).
Use the microcontroller to drive a transistor - bjt or MOSFET - that will drive the relay. Make sure you connect a resistor between base and emitter (for bjt) or between gate and source (for MOSFET). Make sure you connect a freewheel diode across the relay coil. Make sure you use a transistor that has a current rating higher than that required for
Some comments: - The bjt gate driver circuit is wrong. It should be build as a complementary emitter follower, with a PNP transistor on the low side. - When placing a series inductor in the transistor output, the freewheeling diode must be connected across motor and inductor. Otherwise the inductor's stored energy will be absorbed by
I think, it's rather hard for your simple bjt circuit to compete with an industry standard gate driver like TC427. This is mainly due to the fact, that CMOS circuit technology offers very obvious advantages for this application. External bjt boosters come into play, if you need to extend the gate current (...)
hello Do you know of any articles which tell how to understand the following CCFL driver circuits........ Page 1 = CCFL circuit:- I cannot understand why they all use bjt s as the switching devices. MOSFETs have far better high frequency switching performance.?
Hi I'm driving a relay using a FET using the circuit shown. And parts keep blowing up. What kind of transient effects are likely to occur here and what can be done about it? Also, I see a lot of bjt circuits with a reverse diode in parallel with them when driving relays (diode is connected between Collect and Emitter) what does that diode (...)
Try to use a TTL open collector driver .. Something like 7406 or even a single transistor (bjt or MOSFET) and maybe a pullup resistor .. Then all device or'd outputs can coexist on one wire without damaging each other .. IanP :wink:
Hello everyone, I am trying to build a driver circuit for a CCD. The input is a clock signal from 0 to 3.3v and the output needed is from +15 to -9. I tried to simulate in Multisim with a simple Push pull bjt amplifier. I have attached the circuit screenshot. I know that the simulation is ideal and the (...)
I don't understand the term "best switching device". Do you need to have finer controll on the angle that the steppers rating? I meant between MOSFETs, bjts, Darlingtons, IGBTs....... Which would be the best to use and why?
above circuit has a discrete current sense using bjts (it is a LED you think this circuit would be ok for large volume production?.....or would the individual bjt manufacturing variances mean the current sense level would vary too much from unit to unit ?
Drive the Display directly from the PIC outputs with no limiting resistors and no bjt or FET. PIC FET outputs are source self-limiting at 25ma. Connect the 8 Sink lines directly to PIC outputs also. For such a simple single LED Matrix circuit.... throw all the other components away! I have proven this setup with seve
HI all please ,note that a .7 voltage drop will appear between the base and the emitter in each transistor which will consume power P=VI = 1.4*I w. all of these power are consumed in the bjts. it is better to use mosfet . salam hindi

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