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Hi all, we are need a bjt Model file 250nm, for Tanner tool v13. (urgent),.. anybody have the model file, please help us,.
Hello! I'm having a problem answering the following objective questions from my book about troubleshooting bjt amplifiers. For item 19, I answered A and D Assuming the coupling capacitor is open (either the input coupling cap or output coupling cap) the ac output voltage would be zero. But if the bypass capacitor is open the ac output volt
hi, To keep the cost down I would use a 555 timer as a PWM generator for each chain. For only 20mA per LED chain, from a 24Vdc source, a bjt or a 2N7000 MOSFET would be suitable. The frame frequency of the 555 PWM generator could be selected for each LED colour chain. Lots of simple circuits on the web.
Dear all, recently I need to buy some discrete MOSFET devices with cutoff frequency round 2 GHz. But I found most vendors only offer discrete bjt transistors with cutoff frequency (or transit frequency) specs. Could anyone kindly suggest me where I can find some MOSFETs with explicit fT? Thanks,
For the receiver you can use a direct conversion front-end, which could be a simple additive bjt mixer with RF going in the base, oscillator injected in the emitter, and audio output from the collector. The receiver local oscillator could be identical with the transmitter oscillator, using also a 27MHz crystal. The frequency of the RX oscillator sh
Although you can use a bjt, I'm with Crutschow that the Mosfet is a much better alternative. Not only from the lower drive losses, but because of the absence from secondary breakdown that plague bjts.
Hi all, Tell me which software or hardware with specifications will be used to design rf amplifiers by using microwave:-D bjt and a frequency doubler using microwave FET. Thanks, Kartik
Hi I couldn't understand the magnitude frequency response of a bjt CML. If I add a voltage ac source, two poles are observed from the single-ended voltage magnitude plot. 113914 113915 If I add a current ac source, the single-ended voltage magnitude plot is like below. 113916[/
hi, Its usual to have an application in mind when starting to design a bjt amplifier. eg: DC or AC amp, output power , frequency range , impedances etc. What application are you considering.? E
Hi All, I am using the circuit from this paper in designing a PTAT circuit "A Novel Wide-Temperature-Range, 3.9 ppm/C CMOS Bandgap Reference Circuit",by changing the input transistor of opamp from MOSFET to bjt. This is the PTAT circuit and the detailed schematic of Opamp. Startup circuit is not included in this figure. 104978[/
For any amplifier (GaAs, CMOS, bjt, SiGe, etc) the 10dB difference rule between IP3 and P1dB is valid ONLY if the amplifier has proper bias termination and filtering at frequency equal to f2-f1 in a two-tone test.
103053 Here is a BC847 bjt datasheet from NXP. It specifies the noise figure of the bjt. But I can't understand the test conditions, especially Rs, f and B. What do the three mean, and how do they conduct this test?
Which one would be the easiest solution for a beginner in this situation? y kersleywyy, you are asking for the best solution? Very hard to answer. There are various alternatives for an 30 MHz oscillator: With bjt or opamp, with RLC or RC or crystal,.. One critical point that has to be clarified is the question of
Hi its like boost converter, It will have a MOSFET or bjt a high voltage switching device inside it and that will be clocked in a high frequency like 52khz, the switch will be connected series with a transformer on your need... The output duty cycle will depend on the feedback voltage.. And most of it will have a option like OFF/ON.. Look some typ
Probably schematics is worst. I recommend instead L3 resistor some kilohm, R3 C1 may be you don`t need at all. And you can try series 10ohm resistor with bjt emitter.
Hello! Who knows sot363/sc70 marked U33 and QFN 1098 N?FA3A. U33 should be one stage FET with working frequency up to 2-3GHz ( may be bjt two stage ) from Avago, RFMD and so on. 1098 some driver two stage bjt (SiGe tehnology? )1 st pin input and so on. - - - Updated - - - Concerning U33 I identify. It`s
IRF510 is a Power MOSFet but BLW30 is a bjt.They are not direct replacements. Even if you re-design the bias circuit to get the right OP, MOS and bjt chararactics are so different.Re-design your Power Amplifier with your new transistor is much easier. I'm sure there are app. notes for that frequency band,you may apply one of them..
I wonder why it's necessary to use 200 or even 500 kHz for LED dimming? Apart form the many right things that have been already said about MOSFET's versus bjt for fast switching, there's another rather simple point. bjt need to be operated with sufficient base current to achieve low saturation voltage. Do you know where you get the base current
I prefer to think in terms of current, when it comes to bjt circuits. This is a preference, theological arguments abound. For a high frequency amplifier, a high impedance DC bias bypassed with high quality C (emitter, and base coupling) is probably the ticket.
Hello, I have been trying to make DC-DC Buck Converter but now actually after knowing more about its complications, i would like to know how to get maximum switching frequency of any Bipolar Transistor or MOSFET ? Because in datasheet its maximum switching frequency is not written. What is Transition frequency given in the datasheet ? (...)