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The black part is the coil. The magnetic field it produces causes a pin inside the metal spike to rise and fall. The pin pushes/pulls the valve open. All the moving parts are enclosed, you will not see anything move but you would probably hear it 'click' as it operated. Brian.
...I thought of going to an alternative which measures the energy consumption of a conventional energy meter using an IR sensor... IR sensors may be used to indirectly measure temperature of a theoretical black body, and thus I presume it is not a good approach to reach the task. There are other ICs nice to this tas
i want to decode Chinese car stereo remote to use it in my projects.Can any body help me about the coding standard used in these remotes. i opened up my remote to see which ic have been in this remote but there was no ic and just a black deposit inside which is there in other products also? what is this black deposit? is this a some form of (...)
I am getting the cross wavelet spectrum of two signals as shown. in that spectrum some significant black noise is coming in the upper half. that is shown in box. any body please help me how to remove this black noise.......
I want Onida black 500 TV service manual and service menu code. Any body please help me.
Does any body know; 1. If it's possible to get rid of black boxes, if yes how? Provide a timing library for the cells that don't currently have them. Does any body know; 2. How to calculate the maximum delay of entire circuit? report_timing -from -to ?
HI! All I have a wall hanging Emergency light with 18W Flro Tube. It is not working Properly. Fault is that ends of tube get black & light get very low. It hapend in a week. Which is not normal. could any body help me.
i am not talking about that the voltage does not exist b/w live and ground.i am talkig about this we (friends) measured voltage by connecting red lead with live wire black with our earth (a planet on which we are living not a wire gave us no reading .but if a person standing on earth touches the live wire he feels shock.if vo
Hi If you just need to move the camera with the light . 1-Read the image from memory 2-Apply threshold filter on the image "turn pixels with brithness higher than the threshold into black & pixels with brightness less than threshold into white" 3-calculte the centroide coordinates of the black body in your image 4-with each new (...)
hi; i want to wrap a black box (memory block) automatically with synopsys Shadow LogicDft utility. what's the flow and commands i need? thx