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Hello I generated postscript file from schematic of cadence virtuoso and I wanted to convert it to pdf I used ps2pdf converter ps2pdf outputfile.pdf the file was completely black and white after converting it connection dots are in black but lines and devices are in very light grey I don't know how to solve this problem Best
If your load #1 is light, then you might get by with this arrangement. A resistor serves to isolate it from noisy load #2. The smoothing capacitor has an easier job at load #1. My modification, with two components added, in
An IR receiver IC has a black coat that blocks visible light but passes IR. Of course an IR sensor becomes saturated in sunlight then is useless as a receiver. An example will be playing acid rock music very loud and try to hear someone far away whispering to you. Can you see your TV when its screen is in sunlight? Maybe (...)
Effect of Std video display settings (w/balance, gain etc) on a pure light source? Hello everybody :smile: I believe I have a good fundamental question, that so far I've failed to find an answer for - explanation usually revolves around typical analogue camera comparisons. Outline[/SI
Hi I have a chilly green laptop that died sudenly. I dont have a schematic but so far I found that it has 5 v , 3.3v and 1.8v ok. The notebook powers on, the screen is black, hdd light flashes bright once on the start and after that it flashes repeatedly but it is not as bright as on the start if you want to see it flashing you have to look ver
Like in any radio or light system, you must use focusing to get most of available light power into a narrow beam. For IR sensing you can use spherical or parabolic mirrors or lenses, also use a black pipe for the receive sensor to limit the effect of surrounding light.
I used Pic16f877A ucontroller and lm35 (temperature sensor). and take temperature value in proteus but on breadbord only switch on the Lcd and black square appears but output does not shoes. I used mikroC Pro for programming. code is given below. // Lcd pinout settings sbit LCD_RS at RC6_bit; sbit LCD_EN at RC7_bi
I need to interface IR sensor (black&white) digitally with PIC uC 16F877A. My project is to control room appliances e.g light, fan etc through IR technology like remote control turns on/off a TV. Please help me ithe project and kindly provide me schematic diagram circuit and code. I wud be very thankful to you.
Hi there, first, maybe is better for you to test your sensor alone with out mcu, use for example 9V battery, connect + and -, on the back side of sensor you probably have led indicator, when metal is close to sensor, led will light, check your black wire and condition when led light, regards
I'm not sure it's a true technical device, it's more likely to be sales hype. On aTFT there are discrete light sources with a small gap around them. I think "black matrix" refers to a dark layer painted/printed over the gap between active elements to reduce reflected light and hence improve the potential contrast ratio. Brian.
Yes, you can use it. Just pay attention on PSU 12V current capabilities and your current needs. Short green and black to turn on PSU.
Why do you need to do this, measuring light output is complicated, can't you rely on the manufacturers data? if you are just need to do some comparison, set up your own jig - Photo cell and flash tube (in a holder) inside a cardboard box painted black inside. Frank
Colour can be detected in many ways. with colour filters and photo diodes PD , with controlled light source and reference PD for clear. loss can be calibrated out for clear. Scattering of light source can cause errors so it is important to use small black tube , say heatshrink over 5mm PD in a fixture to block stray light. (...)
I found 3w cfl in market. Bought a cartoon to put as nigh lamp, in stairs and here and there replacing high power CFLs to conserve energy.Within a week it was found that most of them turned black at their ends with diminished light. Some of them even failed to lit. I opened them and found similar type of circuit inside instead of hi-frequency switc
You want a wavelength in the region 360-400nm, that is in the near end of UVA. The Microtrac brand that I use works with UV from 360-450nm. 'black light' tubes are variable depending on design so check their wavelength. There used to be a consensus that the cheap 'black light' tubes were not very good for PCB use though. (...)
Hi, I'm studying engineering: applied physics.. In our project, we need to make a device that detects a concentration of black soot in the air.. To do that, we need to have a laser diode that shoots a particle, which will then send out sound waves if the laser has the right frequency. Anyway, we need to start with the signal of a soun
Please help.We are designing a robot and its first step is line following as many other siple robots.But, the problem is,The distance between ground and sensor is changes(beecause of the tilt angle) 2 to 6 cm. Here I need a sensor(like CNY70) which works good in this range. Any one has experince about it or any recommend pls???
The image appears to show black whorls with light gray spaces in between. I think you would like more contrast. So that you have solid white and solid black? Was the image originally grayscale? Did you convert it to black and white at high resolution? It might have worked better to use a threshold adjustment. Here are (...)
you dont get any filters for that purpose.. but you can cover the IR with a black cap or a small plastic enclosure and leave only the front end open..
I assume that the tracking line is black on a white background For a line tracking robot you will modulate the red led with a say 5 KHz signal. The reason for this is to remove the effect of ambient light. You receiver circuit will after amplification , filter out the 5 kHz signal with a band-pass filter. After he band-pass filter you will rectify