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Hi all, I have worked on various peripherals of PIC18F4520 microcontroller, but I am new to RTOS. To begin with, I am trying with "PICos18". I followed the exact instruction given in the below link, to create two tasks. One tasks to turn ON an led and the other task to blink another led:
Hi, Is it really a good idea to waste 100% of processing time only to blink a led? Why donīt you use hardware_PWM (takes 0% of processing time) or blink using timer ISR (takes less than 1% processing time) Klaus BTW: what does a scope connected to the led show?
TMR1IE_bit, once cleared in the ISR, is not set again which bars the ISR to act endlessly. #define ON 1 #define OFF 0 sbit Relay at GP1_bit; sbit Mosfet at GP2_bit; sbit Charged_led at GP4_bit; sbit Charging_led at GP5_bit; unsigned char my_flags = 0; unsigned char state_counter = 0, led_blink_counter = 0, (...)
how to make simple led blink program in it? which programming language does it support? I think you must read and understand the basics first. (Although this is a Xilinx based tutorial, but can also be applied for Altera d
Hey How to blink that leds on PIC18F67J60? I have such code: void main() { TRISA.F0 = 0; //Makes PORTA0 or RA0 Output Pin TRISA.F1 = 0; //Makes PORTA1 or RA1 Output Pin while(1) //Infinite Loop { PORTA.F0 = 1; //led ON PORTA.F1 = 1; //led ON Delay_ms(1000); //1 Second Delay PORTA.F0 = (...)
From personal experience, I can tell you that if you accidentally use a DC adapter that outputs a higher voltage than is specified, the power led will blink on a Xilinx Spartan development board. In my case, going back to the proper charger stopped the blinking. Unfortunately the overvoltage had damaged something else on the board and it (...)
Energy harvesting with a piezo transducer produces a very low current. You can strongly vibrate a piezo for hours and its output can be rectified then it can charge a capacitor. The small amount of stored energy can blink an led for a short duration one time. A piezo transducer fastened to an aircraft or missile engine will pick up its strong vibr
Hi All, I have written simple code to blink an led when switch is pressed. But problem I'm facing here is when I press the button led is going high but it is not turning off after 10sec delay. Please let me where is the problem in the below code. I'm using CCS C compiler and here RA3 is defined as input port and RC0 is defined output (...)
Now, the led can stay still for each word but I would like it to blink and it has to use multiplexer(in 74 series) for blinking. I have found 74153 use for blinking but I can't connect it to my system on Proteus. So, if you know how it work Please help Proteus was included. and photos represent how it (...)
I have to make a very simple program for led blinking . Using buttons 1 and 6 lead me.When the button is pressed for a small time , then led 1 should be blinking. This code is part 2 of the led blink. part 1- Lead 5 & 6 part 2- led 1,2,3 & 4 blinking with (...)
you need to go step by step. Do a led blink, does it work?
I designed and built some led chasers that have 10 leds in a circle and a blink of light goes around and around. Chasers with 1.8V red leds are powered from two AA alkaline battery cells and chasers with 3.2V blue and bright green leds use four AA alkaline cells. The batteries run the chasers all the time (...)
Hi, I am testing a simple program of blinking two leds with 8051 uC, one led will blink all the time and another will toggle during an interrupt. I am using proteus simulator and keil v5. Debugging step by step of the code in keil shows it ok while running the code is not giving satisfactory output with interrupt (...)
Hello! I have never played with the Sitara boards, but an SPI screen is really easy to use. If you find a way to use GPIO (try to blink a led for example) and a SPI, then you just wire the SPI to the LCD, the GPIOs to the proper places (usually chip select, Data/Command, Reset) and you're on the right way. Usually you can find the initialization p
Driver for HID a preinstalled in all windows. Try to implement any confirmation that mcu is working like a led blinking if you do not have proper debug option.
Hey, I am trying to blink led with PIC32MX220F032B. led is connected with resistor to pin RB5. I am using microC pro for PIC32 IDE/compiler. I am programming it with ICSP and the hex is written correctly. This is my code: #include #include void main() {  TRISB = 0;     
it seems your fuses are OK (internal 8Mz without DIV8) and I can guess your led takes about 8 times slower to blink (instead of 2.5s, it takes 20s) if so, you're right, the asf routine isn't getting the right value for sysclk_get_cpu_hz or something related... sadly i can't help you more, but maybe you can try something... in the old days we used
Can someone provide me the .asm file to blink a led in PIC16f676 microcontroller.
Start by making a led blink What's your next suggestion if he already did? Several years ago, Altera offered a car audio reference design. It's no longer supported as far as I'm aware of, but the concept is still shown in an application note It should give you an idea of suitabl
Minimum PWM frequency with 20 MHz crystal is 1.2 kHz, so you'll hardly see the led blinking.

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