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Hi, I am testing a simple program of blinking two leds with 8051 uC, one led will blink all the time and another will toggle during an interrupt. I am using proteus simulator and keil v5. Debugging step by step of the code in keil shows it ok while running the code is not giving satisfactory output (...)
I'm start to learn 8051 by designing a blinking led circuit. One of my effect seems to have problem, I think it is because of my code because other effects worked. Please help me check if there is something missing Effect2: mov r1,#5 start2: mov a,#0FFh port0: rlc a lcall sdelay mov P0,a cjne a,#0
Hello aashishedaboard,welcome to the world of microcontrollers. Firstly,let me tell you that,your documentation about the project is really good. In you program #include void delay( unsigned int ); void main() { while(1) { P1 = 0x01; delay(1000); P1 = ~P1; delay(1000); } } //DELAY FUNCTION ( mS ) void delay( unsigned
remove the 10k resistor going to led. It will work. Your led connections are wrong. zip and post your proteus file and i will send the proper circuit. Which led is not lighting, the D1? You have to use pullups on port 0 i think i configure the led by turning the mcu into common ground. many sources t
alternatively, you can just use a pot and adc the voltage on its wiper and use that to control your blinking rate.
hi, org 0000h start:Setb P3.0 ; send '1' to P0.0 call delay; call delay time setb P3.1 ; call delay; setb P3.2 ; call delay; setb P3.3 ; call delay; setb P3.4 ; call delay; setb P3.5 ; call delay; setb P3.6 ; call delay; setb P
hi all, i am facing a peculiar problem with serial port access. I ve made an led to blink when any data is received(i ve made the led port pin toggle inside the serial ISR).I have not connected any device to serial port.when i transfer any data through the serial port,i could find the led blinking. (...)
I have a USB programmer for Atmega8. I am familier with 8051 / 89s51 family and used it with ISP programmer (using assembly language). I am not able to Blink a led using Atmega8 microcontroller, I am new to this. Can some one suggest a simple schematic and assembly code (if possible with little logic (...)
dear friends, i hvae made a simple project with 89c51 and i am in trouble. the project is --> 8 relays, 8 switches. when one wsitch is pressed, one relay becoms on and all others off. so simple. but the problem is --> at the start, when i firstly ON the supply, ( +5v from a regulated supply), all the ledS blink once and goes off. after th